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I’ve carefully weighed the facts
And determined what I lack
To come up with the scheme
To make my life a dream

It’s you, it’s you!

Looked for it at school
And I’m not somebody’s fool
But it didn’t pass the test
For what would suit me best

It’s you, it’s you!

I partied with my friends
But really in the end
It didn’t light my fire
Or fill my heart’s desire

It’s you, it’s you!

Now please fulfill my need
And hear my fervent plea
Our future I can see
Oh lucky, lucky me

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Will make a great song, clear and not too wordy, good rhymes, and I also like your title and hook. States in an original way that the singer loves her!

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This is sweet and snappy - I hope to give the music a whirl soon ...

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This has such a delightfully jazzy timeless feel with the wonderful piano and tender vocals. Such a sweet unabashed love song! The music and lyrics are a perfect pairing!

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This has nice, dinner party atmosphere vibe to it. It's simple. It's sweet....and it's giving me ideas. Smile Well now, folks. Thanks for the inspiration.

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I love how the lyrics are down to earth, sincere, and confident. The piano and vocals sound great. This just makes me smile Smile

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The sentiment of the lyric is really clear, finding the person that strikes all the right notes for you.

But the piano part is sophisticated, complex, like human relationships. Is there a bit of doubt in the delivery?

Really nice vocal, the pace and the phrasing are nicely done. This has a classic feel, like an Ella Fitzgerald tune.

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Lovely bit of piano jazz balladry, sung with that sort of playful nonchalance only jazz seems to have. Delightful.

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Nancy, you nailed the setting for @Srcoops lyrics. This works very well as a lounge-torch song.

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You never miss! I enjoyed it very much.Tomorrow is our 63rd anniversary.8/24