Aunty Anti​-​Facist [Dogs]

Aunty Anti​-​Facist [Dogs]

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Do i need to call you sir - youve made it big i see $1000 a track awesome, very Usta but a touch gentler. nice one mate

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Really love the slow prodding melody and speed up/slow downs of this! was unexpected, and of course the dogs Wink
and this is one of my exception songs....usually don't like the overly preachy/political even when in full agreement(not that I don't write them either, just not usually my listening cup of tea, not for more than one or two anyway) This doesn't even strike me that way though.....more just observations, so I guess I just really want to like this but whose side on you on here anyway? Wink hah!
Great stuff!

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Nice dogs--when I was recording today, the neighbor I share a wall with was hammering throughout.

So this was 100% improvised? Wow! You did a nice job on it. Really liked the guitar--good work!

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The simple bass line is very well done, with a good tone dialed in as well. I also like the guitar tone, either chorused or doubled. When the dog bark came in (each time), it set my dog off to barking lol! Reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd. A bit of ambiguity in the lyric? Interesting.

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Nice track and good vocal delivery, dog sounds are always a bonus!