The Avenue of it All

The Avenue of it All

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Liner Notes: 

Another piece using the Spitfire BBC SO Discover freebie. Title from Titular.

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this would be perfect for a crpwd scene in a silent movie. it suggests a flurry of people,all with different motivations and destinations, crossing and criss-crossing each other

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I like momentum that you create in the strings and the xylophone and the way that you bounce the leading voice between the upper strings and the flute and other woodwinds.

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This is a beautiful orchestral piece, their is a sense of urgency that makes it feel a bit cinematic. Like it would be playing at a key point in a movie when some big plot point is about to be revealed. The use of the flue and the strings is very effective, Quite a lovely song!

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Very nice tune. You know how to use the different colours of the instruments. Fine job!