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Liner Notes: 

The things that make you wonder sometimes...


Just listen.

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This is great! The groove had me bobbing my head, and the story gave me a good chuckle. I ended up listening to this probably 3 or 4 times just so I could enjoy it for longer. Very fun, nice work!

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There may have been too much of the mayonnaise, but there isn't nearly enough of this jelly. Fun and funny and funkalicious.

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mayo is some nasty stuff, i cant touch it, having heard the joke about where it comes from when i was a young boy, you captured the feeling that is is smart to limit ones intake of this vile colloid.

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Hated mayo growing up but the mayo outside of the U.S. can be SO much better than Best Foods or Kraft or Hellman's or Heinz -- and certainly Miracle Whip! So now I really enjoy it on French fries and I'll use it to make some sauces, like a killer chipotle sauce that is great on tacos. Anyway, this was a fun little piece. You could make a whole series of these, with humorous spoken words over cool music.

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This is such an unexpected gem.
Not sure exactly why I love it so much but I do.
Made me smile all three times I listened to it so far!

Thank you! I needed that. Vocals are perfect! I feel like she has waited on me before!

Wait, there's a daily allowance for mayonnaise? Well that's not fair!

A fun little story that has left me grinning in bemusement. Love it!

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I love it.
I want more.
You are giving me ideas.
Thank you.

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too funny! Who uses up their daily allowance of mayonnaise by 12:30?

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That was awesome! Cool groove. I'm on the ick side with mayo, unless it's mixed with curry and chutney in tuna or chicken salad. And if you use chutney you can add less mayo!

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Fun song to listen to. I wanted it to last and last. Very cool and groovy.

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haha! ohhhh my this was just too short!, but packed full of goodness like a good morning mayo sandwich Wink
I think I've worked with this gal before Wink gotta love a waitress with some attitude.....I picture this being told to the table right next to that guy while he is still there eating his mayo free sandwich hahaha

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This is fun! I love that slinky bass behind the monologue. It really sets the scene.

Its over?
How dare you, sir?!
lol j/k...i had to listen once cause I was caught in the absolute glory of that slow, in-the-pocket groove...then again to listen to the mayo story.
Man, not much love for mayo here, huh? I dig the stuff, myself, but not many people I know do.
Anyway, can we talk about that groove and how it needs to just evolve into a full blown jam session after she says "its nasty" - which I took to mean "this groove? its nasty. but now its about to get even nastier!", and then you just go crazy with the rhodes?

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Love this and want more please. She must have more than one diary entry!