Just Keep On Moving On

Just Keep On Moving On

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Liner Notes: 

Ive been admiring Saltyjohns lyrics and was excited when he gave me this one. I only hope I did it justice.


Just Keep On Moving On

I used to come here as a kid
I’d play my guitar and sing
On a real good night I’d get paid
And sometimes I’d get laid

Now the bar stools are all empty
And the till has lost its ring
A tea towel on the beer pumps said
That this old place is dead

Nothing stays the same
Everything moves on
You can’t go back
What’s gone has gone
Just keep on moving on

I called out loud but no one came
There’s nothing here but ghosts
I turned around and walked away
The memories could stay

Nothing stays the same
Everything moves on
You can’t go back
What’s gone has gone
Just keep on moving on

©2020 John S Alty

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Oh wow! Love that it opens with the harmonica! What a fabulous collab! Love it.

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Love the way you've used the harmonica, as it gets echoey towards the end, which fits with empty bar in the lyrics. It's very much a no messing around song, very efficiently put together, it tells it's story and leaves. Sounds great.

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A great one. I've got a couple of "drinkin' songs" coming out this week. This one is inspiring! Really one of your best. I can tell this is your niche--the Dylanesque vibe. You are REALLY INTO THIS ONE, Bill! Nice job! More collaborations, guys--great lyrics that have obviously inspired Bill!

It has a great timeless road movie apocalyptic feel. All kinds of zombies all around

Yup a fine lyric and exactly how to deliver it. Well done guys, i really like it and a sing i would listen to again.

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This works so well as a combination of words and music in symbiosis...great stuff!

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Completely paints the picture with sound and feel of a dead empty bar. Well done on the collab!

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You're the kind of bard that I admire and would love to shut up and listen to with a beer, on this one.

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Nicely done collaboration! The harmonica adds so much to it; lyrics are relatable and have a lot of meaning in them. Great performance, too!

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That harmonica right at the beginning gave me good chills - what an intro!
These fine lyrics deserve an awesome country/folk treatment like this. Excellent collab!

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Wonderful collaboration. Vivid imagery of this bar once so lively with music and passion to the ghost town it has become that nicely conveys the sense of change over time. The chorus delivers that message brilliantly. The pacing of the music is perfect to deliver a sense of time moving on and the flow of the melody is engaging and enjoyable to listen to! Wonderful collaboration and great song with relatable poignant message.

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Very nice tune. Good lyrics. Good raw guitar, harmonica, and vocals. Soaked in the spirit of Dylan. Sounds like somebody was recording a one-man show live at the whiskey-a-go-go or something... Anyway, enjoyed it. Good collaboration, guys! Well done!

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Great lyrics, that chorus resonates well for me. Bills performance brings it all to life, the fast pace echoes the sentiment of keeping on moving. Great collaboration

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Wonderful word painting in the lyrics, and really nice, and authentic, vocal performance. Love that guitar and the harmonica. Wink

Relatable message Indeed. All we can do is move on. Smile