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Too many words. Well, my friend, I think it's perfect. Love the guitar & the backing soundscape. What a great mix. And the mix of vocals is very effective.

See You In The Shadows…

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This is killin'. I agree; the mix on this on point and I like how you used the multiple vocals to accentuate too many words. Well done!

You heard what I said, elsewhere, so, -- derUgo! Smile barn stormer, barn stormer!...

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Oh cool, I love me some guitar (?) noise. Interesting blend of sounds that you present here.

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I was beginning to think you two are the same person/alter egos. Still not sure ...
Anyway, I like what both (?) of you do separately, and this is a mighty inspiring and thrilling collab. An intense folk-metal uniqueness. Rock on!

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I'll be Marie for the right price Biggrin

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"...It's only Werdz...and Werds are all I have...to take your heart away..." Love the feedback/psychedelic vibe. Making me think I should revisit my youthful appetites and put something like that together. Great job!

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I love how a song titled Werdz leaves the vocals way back, causing us to lean in and listen--at least until next time, when you write the words. It's a really cool sound and vibe, like sounds being blown across the prairie, or reaching us from space. Somehow it's catchy, classic, and sort of off-kilter. A winning combination no matter how you slice it

reminds a bit of old t-rex albums and the grunge 90s wave. like the trainy feedback thing at the back

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Great thick electric guitar ... scorching! The slightly jazzy vocal section has an early 70s proggy feel. This is like Hendrix jamming with Al Stewart! Love it. Suitably weird ending!

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Nice piece to bounce along to, great guitar sounds and vocals and the ending fits.