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Liner Notes: 

Always liked the solitude that comes with an astronaut being in Space.



You star as the astronaut
Who floats in their space
On your big trip
Among the stars
On a solo mission
No one to face

You let in the oxygen
That helps you to breathe
Pure clarity
Among planets
With complete solitude
Helps you to see

Hangs on the life line
With plenty of time
Has learned mistakes
From the mind
Knows when you die
No one hears the cry
When risks taken
Fail outright

You have the right atmosphere
To just explore thought
No gravity
To pull you down
Let your mind wander
To what was taught

(Repeat chorus)

Sometimes you need to get away
To clear the dust of the day
New horizons full of promise
Some trips you don't want to finish

(Repeat chorus)

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Very cool. I remember wanting to be an astronaut (briefly) when I was a kid. Nice meditation on what that means.

Drawn in by the title.
I feel you capture everything I think of when I think about an astronaut - solitude (good and bad), freedom, risk. Just being out "there". Sometimes that seems like a much more desirable place than here, and these lyrics reinforce that feeling for me. Excellent use of a lot of terms that relay that space theme.