Dangerous Days

Dangerous Days

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Liner Notes: 

When deciding if a relationship is worth pursuing.


Dangerous Days

You can open that mind
To make a choice
Who knows what you'll cry
When you find your voice

Cause they're decisions
You have to make
On this occasion
There are lives at stake

You know we are so good
So why leave now
When you're understood
Why would you leave town

Cause we're at the start
And this can grow
Listen to your heart
It's not time to go

But these waits
on these dangerous days
are tough
I can feel you swaying
You could go either way
Time you take
on these dangerous days
don't know if you're sure
If you'll stay for more

Let me lay down my hand
I'm here for you
Hope you understand
Lets try see this through

There's light at the end
That we'll aim for
No I can't pretend
When my mind is sure

(repeat chorus)

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Hey, the lyrics seem quite dark Would be interesting to put some sort of somber music to it.

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The lyrics are somber but not overly so, I love "There's light at the end / That we'll aim for" it gives the song s little bit of hope. Even it's just that things may end.