Melt the Clock

Melt the Clock

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Liner Notes: 

Part of the week 2 furniture challenge.


Melt the Clock

Tick and the tock
with a hypnotic rock
Progress of time
Is running along
It's own line

Watch the hands move
Like a fast flow of news
Dragging us on
Irrespective if
We feel strong

Don't melt the clock
You can't halt time
It's not going to stop
Won't stop your mind
Don't melt the clock
We can't change time
So that's what we've got

But even if you
Melt the clock
This is time
There's no rewind
It's something you cannot stop
So even if you
Melt the clock
Times goes on
Doesn't belong
So just take all you've got

(repeat Chorus)

Sometimes if flies
When you relax at night
Having some fun
Goes slipping right by
Never done

(repeat chorus)

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Why can I not get the image of that one Salvador Dali painting out of my head now? I like the imagery, and time certainly does seem to plod on regardless of our attempts to control it. Nice!

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Spot on. That was my inspiration. I've always liked that image.

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Very strong lyrics. And very true. I can imagine them in a rock song but I think the music can go different directions. Hope to hear them.