Aunty Anti-facist

Aunty Anti-facist

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Liner Notes: 

Ah, yes, the new American folk song, -- whodda thought, e v e r ... but, derUgo.

-- Needs Musication, open to Right person for the job; ask first, then sample concept with short bounce, then we shall Sea!


Aunty Anti-facist (c) 2020 ustaknow (alias) 5-min-mourning-morning-news-write

I heard antifah exploiting fawm
So jumped into avoid the dawn
Of the age of social scorn
And block their using music mourned 

Ameri-can't millenialism, the new colonialism
The lastest exploitation, of the new Under Casts
For better or for worse?, their loosing their fight
'Cause what they insist that matters..., changes...,   every...,   night

So we now got singer-songwriters, posing for the machine
The one that they been building, since, 20, 16
To take the entire government, as Fifth Column bind
And if they get their way this time, its people to be robbed blind

So don't be their fool, no don't be used as Arms
For anti-fah signaling scams, to movements across our land
It is you that they fight against, and all the rest ignite
Their movement for destruciton, for the new China-Right

They've taken over Californ, Seattle, and Oregon
Looks like they got Illinois, and New York State on thru-
Way down to the Delaware, and parts of Texas too
Though they got some edges, don't-you-let-them... ...,
Take the, red-white and blue

Land as well as you-all can, and fight anti-fah fight
This very night could be the night, they take you by their blight
No good men, will then be left, to save you from this flight
White silence is the very right, they want to force..., not cite 

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