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Cloud dancer

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Liner Notes: 

Bass solos get a bad rap. So I thought I'd chain the guitar to the wall of the dungeon and do something with just bass. Then got carried away with synths... Still no guitar though. Smile

Bass is the Westone Super Headless into a Moen Uni-Comp compressor, then a Hudsonics valve compressor, then DI to the mixer. Recorded in Reaper. Funk backing was on neck pup, improvised solo on bridge pickup with some reverb and echo dialled in.

@Fuzzy has done an awesome, trippy remix of the stems of this track. Grab your ear goggles and check it out!

EDIT - 25 September 2020:
The original intro to this was a mistake. I forgot to mute the basses as the drums establish the rhythm, but I left it in.
While walking this morning I had a burst of inspiration and contacted Lord Sapient for his permission to use a sound clip he'd sent me last year. So the intro now features the vocal talents of the mighty Lord Sapient. Wink

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this has that late 60s early 70s top 40 sunshine jazz feel to it. the bass lines are hot. and the arrangement is cool,

The vocals sprinkled throughout are cool.
Excellent groove on that rhythm bass throughout, never gets in the way or steals from the melodic bass.
Why do bass solos get a bad rap? Been years since I was in a band, and I never understood stuff like that.
Anyway, this was on in the background and i found myself relaxed due to the lead melodies, which were beautifully done and that tone sounds really pleasing. Also found my head bobbing to whatever magic you were doing with the rhythm/groove bass. I know four bass players and whenever I used to sit down one on one with them to jam, I was always in awe of the life they bring to whatever we were doing. And to hear straight up bass stuff like this is refreshing.
Really enjoyed this.

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This just makes me happy. The swing of it is intoxicating and the breaks kill me! The parts I like are too numerous to mention, overall amazing!

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This is solid as a building. The lead bass soars and flies in such interesting ways.

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This made my afternoon listen! Goodness how many basses were involved here?! Lots of sweet castle dragon dream effects to boot!

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Bass solos wouldn't get a bad name if they all sound like this. We wouldn't even call them solos--it would just be music. Anyway, this is all funky, fresh, melodic, and great

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I think what you meant to say is "Bad bass solos get a bad rap".
And it's true, bad bass solos are almost worse than those extended drum solos.
But this is not a bad bass solo.
In fact, it's pretty darn fantastic.
Yeah, you're really giving that thing an excellent workout for sure.
I really enjoyed my listen here.
Your skills amaze me.

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Dammit now I GOTTA do some serious practice! The bass groove is good and fine, but oj! that cello-sort-of sound of the upper solo.! And a download when I get back to the right computer!

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This feels like a funky interplanetary journey -- unlike anything else I've heard so far. Very cool!

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Rushed to the Download button midway through my listen. This is awesome! A beautiful melody and progression and killer execution! Lifts my spirits. Thank you.

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This is a whole jungle of funk. Dig, dug, and will dig again soon.

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Oh wow my pulse is gently racing after all that chair yoga - thank you !

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I'm not sure what part I like the most: the sick bass, the sick lead, or those wicked sounds in the background. This is some sweet sauce, DD Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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What a workout! I'm impressed. But this isn't "just" a bass solo. You didn't forget some changes and melodies for us to enjoy

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Listened to what Fuzzy did with this, had to hear the original.
Groovy! The bass is a revelation, but then there's flute, too? Damn!

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As a bass player tracks like this annoy me... why can't I get my bass to sound that good?? The groove in this is awesome. Loved listening to this...Brilliant!

Wow!!! I LOVE bass and I love this. I'd love to have stems too.. to this or anything in future..

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Bass solos do get a bad rap. I was just the other day watching one of Adam Neely's Q&As and he really doesn't think bass solos have much place in the world, and he's a bass player. This track is, i suppose, technically a bass solo, but i'd actually say this is a bass instrumental, or a piece written for the bass, which is wholly different imho. anyway, rock on, this is groovy as anything. Jazzy, but not impenetrably so, and the nice major feel is lovely, so the accompaniment bass is playing dorian and the lead bass is playing ionian, right? with lots of major third action. Cool stuff.

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Love the callback to last year's party at Castle Dragondreams. We should do that again sometime soon. Practising appropriate social distancing, of course.

You know, I really don't care that bass solos have a bad reputation. Bass deserves its chance to shine. This sounds like Jaco jamming with Jonas Hellborg - maybe with a bit of Stanley Clarke thrown into the mix for good measure. This GROOVES. And if you have the groove, who cares whether you have a bad rep or not?