Oulu in Mist

Oulu in Mist

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Liner Notes: 

This made me think of my home harbour town in a cooling mist.

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This is beautiful. I can really get a good mental picture of the mists coming in over the water on a cool morning.

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Love this one .So relaxing as it dances across my brain. Thank you sir.

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It conveys deep stillness to me, and is beautifully expressed. Love your pro touch on the piano, nice job.

Very nice piece of music, this is a calm piano piece performed really well and emotively. The extra instruments were a subtle touch that enhanced the mood.

Lovely piano, nice backing strings. Finland is so beautiful -spent some time there in 74 and 76. (I'm a big fan of Sibelius too).

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That's all I can say.

Just wow.

See You In The Shadows…

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This is an ominous piece of music, at first, that takes its time revealing its secrets. I like how much color you used by resolving to unexpected chords. It had me guessing how it would end right up to the last section and even then, my guess was wrong and you tricked me back into major. It's a clever composer's trick and you make it look easy. Beautiful.

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At first you lure us to this grey yet comfortable land but there are mysteries here. It's a very cthulhuan piece. Very nice