The Phogg

The Phogg

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Liner Notes: 

Starts slow; livens up halfway through.


It's an elephant in a tent
never meant for an elephant
a stolen forest of fallen trees
in farthest Coventry

It's Phineas Phogg
mad as a box of frogs
lazy as a log
Phineas Phogg

It's a euphonious euphonium
a harmonious harmonium
a parsimonious podium
who amended its miserly ways
when it met a microphone stand
that inspired love and

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Phineas Phogg's appearance in the world of Technicolor Gramaphone was an inevitability, as was the indeterminable role he was to play in the song to which he was assigned. What was certain was that the song would be a thing of beauty to behold and contemplate. And so it is..

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Slow start? Gorgeous, rolling start, I'd say, like a lullaby. The second half is more sprightly, something we can dance to. You're making some really pretty music this year! It's nice to know that even a podium can experience some personal growth. There's hope for us all

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Your guitar meditations are aces for sure.
Ooh yeah, then it turns in to a lively dance tune!
I can imagine the Faerie Folk prancing about to this before they drag you in to the mushroom circle and you lose 30 years.
Yet another winner!

Excellent track, it keeps a good mood throughout. The second half is a great and natural feeling lift up. Really like your vocals on this one and those classic clever lyrics. The end was really cool!

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Love the guitar again, and general weirdness, the lyrics just seem to fit beautifully with the guitar, perhaps it's that contemplative feel that Bill describes.