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This one has a bunch of brass. :0

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Nice. I see a spring day countryside maybe an historical setting. Very restful.

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Grand and majestic; a soaring listen, full of epic goodness, calling to mind the scene in a movie where the heroes have struggled through the wastelands and have finally reached the oasis.

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In that first chord I thought Beethoven! He did that a lot. One dramatic chord with a pause after. I like the chromaticism in this a lot. It reminds me a little of Strauss and a little of the 2nd English renaissance composers with some straight up romanticism thrown in. As a soundtrack piece it would work in a lot of period pieces. Kept me completely interested all the way through.

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An excellent soundtrack piece that could be used in many kinds of movies or tv shows. I really enjoyed the journey you took us on with this one, IA.

See You In The Shadows…

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Progresses in a stately fashion. The strings at around two minutes have a very Romantic (in the classical music sense) vibe to them.

It's great to hear what everyone is doing with this plug-in. Unusual for a freebie to capture the imagination of a group of people in FAWM or 50/90 at the same time.

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How many instruments do you play??? This sounds like a piece that could never be played live during a quarantine, for sure. But it’s really pretty. Love the interesting chord choices and the interplay of melody with harmonies.

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Very evocative! With the opening brass sequence, I see distant mountains in early morning. The flute brings me in to a grassy glen on top of one of the peaks. The strings have me looking out at the view from the mountaintop. Lovely!

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Very moving beginning. And then I like the development into a second milder section with the flute taking over for the strings, and then the return to the strings for the third section, with those subtle descending patterns which I loved. Those changes give nice contrast to the resplendent held chords that signify arrival or triumph, or both. So well done!

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I always love your tunes... very theatrical and always can see a game or movie performance with each and every one. Always moving and powerful, thought-provoking. You never disappoint. Beautifully done! Love this!!

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There's lots of beautiful strings here, too. It's reminiscent of one of my favorites, Mahler No.5, adagietto. Beautiful.