'I'm alright'

'I'm alright'

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Liner Notes: 

Here is my quick right about me being alright. Well, this rhymes... Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. It was fun to write. Thank you Corinne for the cool theme!
Update: here is the link to my collaboration with CTS:


I'm Alright
Lyrics © 2020 Nadia Cripps.

I'm alright, yes, really alright
What else is good to say?
You asked and I replied outright
Ready to runaway

Don't start me off or you'll regret
Each question I need to reply to
Best try to forget
Any doubts coming from you

I'm alright and you better believe it
I'm alright even when I'm not
I'll sing you a song, it will be a hit
It will be cool and at the same time hot

I'm alright, join me in saying
We are alright, join me in singing
Everyone's alright, join me in tapping,
We are all happy, we are all clapping

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Like Corinne's lyric, this has kind of an untrustworthy narrator vibe to it. "I'm alright even if I'm not." I think a lot of us are like that right now... with all the hell going on in the world.

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Responding to respond, not wanting to unload, I know the feeling well. The point is well conveyed.

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Good to see your lyrical side. You make your point clearly from a performer's point of view. Good work.

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interesting lyric.. and yeah, there's more here then meets the eye, i think!

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A great lyrical interpretation of the prompt. The question is of meaningless an the real answer is never expected to be given. A great write.

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Nice take on the prompt, Nadia. I like how you included everyone to say they're alright. We do all tend to do that! And thank your for your earlier wishes to have a nice day. I did!

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"Don't start me off or you'll regret" pretty much sums up my entire existence right now. Play acting and avoidance are my go-to moves. This is us right now. <3

love the twisting of the words being alright then the swooping into the 'nah, not quite fine at all' - the descriptive tone in this is very good!

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It sounds and reads "happy" in my mind's eyes and ears. It's upbeat, not discounting that there might be things going on, but you'd rather focus on the positive than the alternative. I totally dig it!

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this is such a happy song- can't wait to here you add music to it with your piano