Long Ago Love on a Train

Long Ago Love on a Train

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Liner Notes: 

Very quick write and got this image, but not about midnight.


Long Ago Love on a Train
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Plush seats
Eye contact
Small smiles
Down the track

Smooth fedora
Lovely lace
Back in time
Slower pace

Long ago love on a train
The past on the rails
They fell for one another
As it journeyed into Wales
This old man told me his story
With such lovely details
Long ago love on a train

Cup of hot tea
They shared
Wasn't long
Til they cared

Married soon
On the train
Long lasting love
Always remains

Repeat chorus

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I like your use of contrast in the line length from the verse to the chorus. I think it helps the chorus stand out as more solid and satisfying once I got to that point. I like the line, "Long ago love on a train."

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For some reason this brings up images of black & white movies such as Casablanca. Such cool images spring from your lyrics. I could hear this being sung by Ella F or Nina S.

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Love on a train, i can assure you, was very worthwhile. (Our intercity trains took 12-13hours or more to get there!) The short verse liens, not so much punchy as allowing lots of room. Then the chorus can sweep. It would be good if you could dodge Wales and make it more generic I think...wider appeal! Not sure what you'd do for that line though !

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Short but sweet lines read like a train. Paint a great picture. Love a happy ending. Nice write.