Waiting for the right train

Waiting for the right train

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Liner Notes: 

So I thought I would be able to quickly write and record something for this skirmish on "Midnight Train" - turns out my brain was not co-operating and the lyrics took a bit of time to get going, so no time to put music to this.

Collaboration very welcome

Cheers Jason


Waiting for the right train

That big ole train
Keeps a rollin’ down the track
But ain’t never
Bringing my baby back
To me

She left me a note
Said she had to go
Caught the midnight train
To where I don’t know
To be free

So every now and then
I sit on platform nine
Watching the inbound trains
For any sign
Of her

It’s going on
Ten years now
Those trains roll on in
I wonder how
It’s a blur

People tell me
I should move on
She caught the midnight train
You know she’s gone
So far away

She crushed my dreams
With the clickity clack
Of midnight train
And the ole rail track
She walked away

Another days gone
She’s nowhere in sight
The steam train roars
It’s lonely whistle in the night
Echoes my sorrow

I put my head on my pillow
My hope remains
My baby’s gonna be
On the midnight train
This time tomorrow

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Very nice set of lyrics here. A sad but honest feeling song. Nice skirmish!

oh yeah a classic train song. they say everyone should have one- big guitar and a whistle and yours will be in the bag

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Nice set of lyrics. Feels like it would be upbeat. Despite the sadness in the lyric. Good write. Cool story.

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I like the detail of platform nine. It's a good image to conjure. It brings the longing home.