Skirmish - Re-Evaluate

Skirmish - Re-Evaluate

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Liner Notes: 

2:nd skirmish for this 50/90.

Chords are something like this:

Intro and Verse: Em Em7 Am


Chorus: A C G A

Ends on Em(7)


Not sure if what you done is good enough
keep hiding in the shadows your mind is not strong enough
second chances blind to see ya
don’t get your hopes up on this one
don’t hold your breath cause it will kill you
I know cause i'm the same

and those restless clouds above
keep you from getting out
your daddy's gone to jail
and one day he’s getting out

so what are you gonna do?

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Love your guitar - nice use of some dark chords and fine strum pattern and phrasing that really complement your lyrics and vocals well. The lyric has a somber haunting feel and the question ending the song leaves you feeling uneasy. Great job! Very effective!

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I'm getting that Wish You Were Here vibe with the guitar. Really nice!

And that o-o-o-out rollercoaster melody is brilliant! I gotta steal that ROFL

More please!

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Hi Juha, thank you for the listen and your feedback. Wow already a Pink Floyd vibe on my second song, hehe. If Rollercoaster melody is an actual term I like that a lot. That was just an improvisation in the moment I suppose. Yes more will come...

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To me it is always thought provoking when the title is not mentioned in the song. In this case the entire lyric describes to me a consideration of the need to re-evaluate. Guitar work creates a heavy mood to match the emotion of the situation. Well done on an improv!