Let's discuss

Let's discuss

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Liner Notes: 

First one of the day. Got me writing. Lots to talk about.


Let's discuss

We played around for days
Finding anyway
Not to talk

But there's a lot to say
I hope and I pray
You won't walk

Time to re-evaluate priorities in life
So we can calculate what fits inside

Let's discuss
What's wrong with us
How the sun used to shine
I was proud to call you mine
Let's discuss
Let's discuss
The point of us
How we both used to try
I was not afraid to cry
Yeh let's discuss

We just avoid our fate
Refuse to set a date
When to talk

We turn away the bait
Now it could be too late
We could walk

(Repeat pc and chorus)

We've enjoyed
Through our choice
Years of joy
Now annoyed
Lost our voice
And our poise

(Repeat pc and chorus)

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I love where you took this skirmish prompt draw us in to the re-evaluation of this relationship. There is an intimate quality about that. Well done!

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Was wondering when the change in relationship exploration theme would arise from this prompt. Looking forward to the music and thanks for playing!

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Fine collaboration! The doubled voice brings a fitting urgency to the lyrics.

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The collaboration here is really nice. I noticed how the "bridge" is never used. But the PC and Chorus is really nice so repeating that a couple of times as you did is wonderful. Also "Time to re-evaluate priorities in life, So we can calculate what fits inside" is such good lines. Could not have said this better. This is a radio banger!

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Fine work you two. The sweet acoustic riff with a strong driving rhythm- feels so full. Engaging lyric. Really good!

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I like the uptempo feel against a heavy lyric about a failing relationship. It supports the short lines of the verses. Good collab you two.

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Those opening chords sound so full and lush. Great vocals too, love the harmonies in the chorus.

I know you spent FAWM focusing a bit more on recording quality, so just to say this sounds like radio-ready to me!

I love the 'we both used to try/I was not afraid to cry' combo in the chorus. It gets a lot across in just those two lines.