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Liner Notes: 

Title was the skirmish (write a song in an hour) prompt which I picked randomly from a Tom Waits songbook, specifically from the song Heartattack and Vine. Muse said pandemic from an ICU patient POV and enlisted Tom Waits to sing it to me. 30 minutes it kinda spilled out.


remove chords
Nashville tuning DADGAD

Got tested yesterday now I’m Tom Waits
About a virus I can’t see is it punishment or fate?
Last month I planned ten years ahead
Now I wonder if in three weeks I’ll be dead

Locked in this ICU haven’t seen daylight in weeks
Behind the curtains all the doctors and nurses covered head to toe like freaks
Another test another sample
Do I become an example

Another week after another week of rising cases
Wonder if they just see the numbers, cause they don’t see the grief on my families ravaged faces
Hoping I don’t die
Maybe I live but don’t have much of a life

Can I take the test again, can I re-evaluate
Starting living healthy, take care of myself, or is it too late
To shake this virus I can’t see is capital punishment my fate?

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Great angle. I like the honesty of the lyric. Brings into focus the reality of the situation. Some excellent imagery. Nice skirmish.

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Is that a mandolin?
Whatever it is, it has a really great sound.
The anger and despair really come through here.
A really effective treatment of the topic for sure.
Well done!

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I like how this is semi spoken. It seriously adds to the emotion, as if you are talking quietly from the hospital bed, so no ones hears your musings.

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Cool chord progression here, I always like DADGAD tuning but I like that you went for more unusual, surprising chords so it doesn't sound exactly like every other DADGAD song.

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Brilliant sound. Literally. Well it's both brilliant... and BRILLIANT.

Sounds a bit like kantele that's an old traditional instrument here in Finland. That sound is really nice.

Very heavy lyrics too. There have been many covid songs, but this is on another level. I'm getting the shivers!

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I'm starting to see a thread with this and your skirmish on "Triumph". You use some interesting harmony and the link to re-evalute is cleverly used in the story. The song build and ends nicely.