Angles of the Davy

Angles of the Davy

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Liner Notes: 

The title was taken from Titular and means nothing - but got to call it something Smile

Created using the Spitfire BBCSO Discover freebie.

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Don't ever tell them the title means nothing. Leaves them wondering! I like the little fanfare thematic motif. I like the echo of the last 2 notes of the fanfare in the beginning. I think you could play with that when you bring the fanfare back at the end. Lovely job all around!

I'm on the lookout (or should that be the listen-out?) during Fifty/Ninety for other people who are having fun with Spitfire's free symphony-orchestra-in-a-box. It sounds like you're having a whale of a time here - those playful woodwinds really hit the spot. And just how convincing is the finale, when the whole orchestra plays at once? Lovely.

I will see you down the orchestral arrangement rabbit hole!

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Playful but quite militaristic.

I can see this playing in the academy scene where the cadets are scrubbing the floors. Biggrin

Great utilization of the library! I'm getting ideas....

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I love the melody in this, the parts all play very well with each other. I really like what you did around the 30 second mark, it feels really full and letst he rest of the song build quite nicely.