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Liner Notes: 

First song from the Jelly Factory! Just something fun to get the vibe moving along. Nothing fancy.
Recorded using Acid Pro 6
Alesis 49V MIDI controller for virtual instruments: Bass, organ
Drum programming/loops/samples
Sennheiser MD421 II mic
Vocals: me


I can take care of U
Switch on my party light
Get down 2 night, enjoy the view

I know just what 2 do
U want that special high
My party light will guide U 2

Come inside/take off your coat
U know what U came here 4
Have a drink/ case the scene
Get out there and wreck the floor - yeah!

Make the time/ express yourself
Do U as U feel this groove
My party light is the ride divine
Designed just 2 groove with U - yeah!

Got U movin' and groovin' and feelin' alright
Here's 2 U and your crew in the party light

Over there on your six/ a hottie just throwin' down
Make your move/ Just be cool
And she might just stick around
It's on 2night/ we fresh 2 death
Ain't no way we gonna lose it
My party light will do U right
But be careful how U use it - yeah!


They call me Mr. Party
Straight from the Jelly vat
I keep the grooves a-comin'
My vibe is where it's at

I'm makin' cuts 4 U
2 make your booty shake
And make U wanna smile
Because it's never fake

The kind of love I'm givin'
Legit and bonafide
2 keep U in the rhythm
And glad 2 B alive

Get on my party train
And let us take a trip
Away from negative
In2 the groove eclipse


2020 The Jelly Factory!

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cts, always funky and cool! Love the organ

Fuzzy's picture

Oh yeah, so wonderful!!
I'm loving the smooth vox.
Superb playing and production.
Such a great party track.
Lovely all around.

sbs2018's picture

Oh yeah! Takes me back to the late 70s, Natalie Cole, Gino Vannelli, although I haven’t listened to him since so I’m not sure why I referenced him except he (and she) were both part of a really cool, similar sound I played back then. Love this!!

MarkG's picture

Good to hear the Jelly Factory groove again. Boy, am I in the mood for a party like this one, especially with you making and playing the tunes.

The groove on this is so well done.
That wah rhythm guitar, elec piano and bass hitting the those accents to make up the groove, then the electric piano smoothness on top doing some little riffs...that's the goods.
Your usual top notch vocal work.
The soul and r&b vibe permeates this whole track, with funk being brought out with that same guitar/bass accent that my ear is drawn to.
This is feel good, groove, hip-moving stuff.
Excellent vocal melodies throughout, perfect groove to them.
Dat's dat Jelly.
Oh...and you know I LOVE that little "ah" female vocal sample that's like such a tiny tiny part of this track - but its one of my favorite bits!

auldy's picture

smooth, sexy, funky. Man I can feel that grooooooove.

great use of flavour samples and the organ tone is awesome for a virtual one.

Looking forward to tasting more of mister party from the jelly factory!

unpronounceable's picture

Ooo the accordionish sound actually kinda comes off like a vocoder behind your Vox when you sing 'come inside'. Nice groove and fun production here. Well done!

yup ik into the groove as well. tapping and nodding along. got great structure and timing! very good one.

nancyrost's picture

I like the vibe! Look forward to talking to you about how you picked the harmonic elements now that I know a little more about your process.
The Sennheiser sounds like it was a good choice, picking up a lot more depth in your voice. The difference is especially noticeable on the rap - and I love how relaxed and confident you sound there!

colgoo's picture

A two person party that feels like you’ve got a full house. Nice work on this. Love the vocals!

john crossman's picture

I'm impressed at so many elements fitting together so well, but I should know this by now. You make it look easy and sound so tasty. I particularly enjoy the harmonies, but there's a lot of tactile goodness for my ears, too much to highlight. Thanks for sharing, I had fun listening to this tight number.

DeannaSweidel's picture

Dancing in my seat to this super funky groove. An absolute treat for the ears

crisp1's picture

Super professional sounding and just an amazing and smooth groove!

cleanshoes's picture

Yeah, I needed something funky like this to start my morning. A killer groove that really showcases the versatility of your vocals--lots of great sonic touches throughout. So good!

metalfoot's picture

Classic Jelly Factory. Great groove to make you wanna move, and those smooth vocals that warm the soul.

musicsongwriter's picture

Thank you for your party invitation. It's unmissable! So grovy, funky, smooth and inspiring! Your singing is so smooth and gorgeous. Fantastic singing, rapping and playing. Brilliant take on the week 1 challenge. Brilliant song Craig!

Powerstars's picture

Oh my GOD, this grooves. The vocal samples add a lot in addition to the slinky guitars, bass, and synths/organ. The silky smooth vocal with a few locked-in harmonies (especially when you add the falsetto) certainly doesn't hurt! You've got a good croon. The rap verse was another pleasant surprise. This just gets me moving. Great stuff!

marthienel's picture

I started reading the lyrics and then gave up- just love listening to the vibe you are creating instead: great listen! You have a good voice that suits your genre and instrumental sound.

dzd's picture

Hell yeah! This started my morning right! Then instantly sad knowing my wah pedal is still in pieces needing fixed, ah well....great great groove man!

IA's picture

Mm so funkeeh!

I appreciate the party lyrics, as not much of a partier myself. Makes me feel like down to action. Like seeing thru someone else's eyes.

Good stuff!

phylo's picture

Wow, the funk is strong in this one! There's so much going on on this date, I think this might be my favorite from the Jelly works. The production is immaculate. I missed me some cts!

JūS's picture

I am in the groove eclipse, right now. I don't want to leave. What I find so enjoyable and hooky in your production style is how many layers you spread out over the 3 dimensional space of your mix. The bass, synths, and all the vocals keep it fresh start to finish. Pro, dude. Loving it.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really funky stuff! This sounds remarkably professional ... the vocals, bass, synths all come together to make a great track.

Jyllian's picture

I really like that rappy rhythm and the little sounds like the breathy girl. It is definite funky. Very fun and I feel the dance groove comin on!