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prompt Clumsy

This was a lyric only way back in early July. I knew what I wanted to do musically so I finally got it done. Just a simple blues in 11/8. It was called "Inconvenient" but given the positive responses to the word, I renamed it "Bunglesome". I have to thank my Thesaurus for that one.

Guitars: '94 Fender Mexi-Telecaster

Amp: '78 Marshall Mk II (Lead)
'67 Fender Dual Showman (Rhythm)



Sometimes I trip, sometimes I fall
Sometimes I fumble and drop the ball
My life is movin' at a crawl
Wonder how I get by at all

You might say I'm bunglesome
Ain't the same as bein' dumb
I just try to take what comes
Get back home where I come from

Day by day it's so inconvenient
Tryin' not to look like I am lame
Obviously inept
Secret can't be kept
Ain't no buts I'm just a klutz
No one else to blame.

Gtr Vs

I'm clumsy sometimes I get hurt
Though I try to stay alert
Never let it disconcert
Layin' face down covered in dirt


©2020 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Bunglesome is an awesome word! Nice rhyme scheme throughout. I can definitely hear this as a bluesy something something. Smile

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Yup also giving major props for bunglesome used in a lyric! haha

alert/disconcert nice as well!
great write!

cts's picture

Wowzers - the finale is pay dirt. That is quite impactful. Seriously. For all that was mentioned prior to the last line, I must say the reality (and confidence) drives home a certainty and attitude about life that I really understand...and dig! Nice write.

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wait well worth it Wink

love the chatter at the end, and that organ? swell ....man, very nice!
didn't know I was in the need of a good dose of some dirty low down blues today Wink

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bunglesome is an excellent word. great sound - whole thing sounds so rounded - it really smooths out the quirky time sig. very effective.love the subject and love that spoken bit towards the end. top delivery all round. very nice listen. also thanks for your really helpful comment on the Do a Do mixes way back now!