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Liner Notes: 

This is a skirmish mixed with some lines from an earlier attempt at a co-write with John Crossman and John Argentiero. It was meant to be a quick thing to get the writing flowing after a dry spell. More time was spent trying to upload it to my website than actually writing and playing the parts! It's a start, anyway.


Scribbled ‘cross the shady mirror
Motel room with a back alley view
Ruined tube of Cruel Ruby lipstick
It’s not me, it’s you

Not the first time I’ve seen those words
Just the first time in that shade
Not the first time I took off
And headed for the Everglades

Corrugated wilderness
Recognizes me by name
Twisted angel of the swamp
Screeches her refrain

Hello, mangrove, my old friend
Nice to see you, crocodile
Here again, I’m broke and drained
Property no-one will buy

Another book of motel matches
Lucky Strike stained with Cherry Tart
A few coins for some Magic Fingers
Shake the fault line in my heart

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This sounds great. I really like the moody timbre of your vocals.

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Very cool sound. The mood is dark and the vocal fits this very well. The synth parts are very atmospheric. I like all the swamp images of crocodiles, mangroves and the swamp.

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I love this wickedly smart character sketch, so obliquely told in that one lipstick message and her response to it. Top notch writing! “Corrugated wilderness” brings up images of the reflected rippling images in the Okefenokee Swamp. I like that syncopated percussion, and the vocal mood too. Welcome back!

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Really cool atmospheric track, love the synth interplay, and really cool off-beat ride cymbal. Great story too, some memorable lines.

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Ooh, surprise. That music is evocative of another time and space, and the echo, very cool. It very quickly took me into this space. Lots of great and weird words. Hooray for starts!

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nice! -- this is dark and weird and one of those 'there's a big backstory here, and here's a few clues to the whole tangled story'. Like the opening chapter of a novel, in a way....nicely done! and welcome back to 5090 songwriting!

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Lovely 80s synths! Mucho respect!

I'm getting some real feels out of that lucky strike stainded with cherry tart. It just puts me in that place, you know. Even tho I've never been to a motel. Biggrin

Anywayy... please make more 80s synth stuff!

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Oh that character! So many great lines and the production is fabulous!

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This is my kind of story, sketchy setting, sketchy people. I like that pulsing bass a lot. I like the cherry tart and cruel ruby lipstick colors, and of course these are the nicknames for these people

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I absolutely love the phrase "Corrugated wilderness". That's such a cool image in my head. Sometimes you just need to channel your inner 80s, right? I always love the timbre of your voice. : )

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Not sure why, but I'm getting this Synchronicity vibe working. I like the feel of the song and your vocals. Cruel Ruby Red lipstick. THAT'S classic right there...I love that. It's audio noire at its best!

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Great music I love the change up between sections from the swirly builds to the energetic percussive elements. Fun use of hand percussion. Great vocal delivery of the great lyrics. I especially love that last stanza that ties it together and brings the message out so effectively with the last line!

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Those images are quite vivid and add a lot to the mood of the story. It seems layered an nuanced. It has a dark, raw quality and the music and vocal add to it all effectively. Well done!

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"Not the first time I’ve seen those words, Just the first time in that shade." That is downright clever, I really like that line. I like the synthscape. It's fierce and mysterious, like Florida wilderness.