Made Up Game

Made Up Game

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Liner Notes: 


host johnstaples
prompt Faraway place

I'm working in odd meters at this point. I'm fascinated by different ways of subdividing them. This song is in 7/4 divided 2+2+3 in the main parts.

Guitars: 2004 Martin DCME
'64 Fender Jaguar

Amp: '67 Fender Dual Showman
Fender reissue Reverb Unit
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Made Up Game

There's a faraway place I used to go
Lifelong friends I used to know
We sang and danced out in the sun
Days and nights just havin' fun

Long ago and far away
Seems like all we did was play
Livin' in a made up game
Life today don't feel the same.

Made up game
Never mind about the rules
Made up game
Grinnin' like a bunch of fools
Playin' a made up game
Livin' a made up game

Memories come and memories fade
Thinkin' 'bout that game we played
I would give it all away
If I had one more chance to play.

That made up game
Never mind about the rules
Made up game
Grinnin' like a bunch of fools
Playin' a made up game
Livin' a made up game

©2020 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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tcelliott's picture

I like that you really have a travel back in memories theme. And you did it very well. Yet another good skirmish song. This one seems pretty strong to me. Good job, JayDub

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well done! I always enjoy your work! grinnin' like a bunch of fools made me smile! Great skirmish!

Marilisa's picture

Great nostalgic feel to this - looking forward to hearing the demo! Good work.

Amanda West's picture

I do like your slightly different take on the theme, always interesting how differrent folks interpret prompts Smile

johnstaples's picture

This is really sweet! It reminds me of youthful adventures and the longing for those. So, in that sense, it works really great in our current situation as well as a general life introspection! Nice work on the skirmish!

Scubed's picture

This makes me smile! Look forward to hearing it set to music. Great skirmishing!

nancyrost's picture

I think I can *hear* the changing meter in the words. Drop a note when you have the demo!

tjeff's picture

I like the title a lot for starters. The story takes me back to my younger days and I think would evoke memories in most listeners. Very good!

IA's picture

Seems travel takes a lot of people to the past and games. Curious!

It would be great to visit the past again. To get a taste of all the treats they don't make anymore.

musicsongwriter's picture

I love the upbeat feel of your song. The positive feel is coming throughout from the first notes. Very beautiful work. What a wonderful start of my day!
Happy memories are shining. Brilliant singing and playing.

Marilisa's picture

Working great with the music! I do like a nice 7 rhythm.