Falling To Pieces

Falling To Pieces

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Liner Notes: 

Being ill sucks. I have not had a good week. I'm feeling old, I'm fed up with spending lockdown on my own, and I'm in too much pain to get a good night's sleep. So I decided that I needed to vent.

And I employed Spitfire Audio's marvellous FREE VST plugin of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, because griping about stuff set to orchestral music is art, right?


I'm not okay, but thanks for asking
Can't be specific, not as such
I used to enjoy multitasking
Now just one job is one too much

It's the nature of our nature
that our entropy increases
So in accord with legislature
I find myself falling to pieces

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Sorry you are feeling bad, but I am glad you worked some of your misery into music! Great rock vibe!

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Dang, sorry you're not feeling well. On the bright side, you're kicking ass here. I really like the feel of this one: the shuffling beat, the guitars, the strings, etc. And then the vocal comes in and puts it over the top. There's something about your delivery of that opening line that made me laugh, something kind of darkly funny about it. That guitar against the lush orchestral backdrop at the end is fantastic

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Good track and love that lush sound from the BBC SO VST (I'm still playing around with ideas) - the guitar soars.

Sorry to hear you've had a bad week.

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Hope you're feeling better HFO. At least you channelled it into something amazing. This is awesome. The mix of amazing guitar tones with the BBC Orchestration is perfect. I could get lost in this song for hours (it would be on repeat, of course LOL).

See You In The Shadows…

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Can so relate to that multi-tasking line! I am certain many others here thought you were speaking for them in this song. Hope writing it helped you feel better.

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Really awesome sounds here - a bit Bluesy, too. Tough times for sure and while we may all be in this together, it affects us in similar but different ways. If somebody needs a little Disney to put a smile on the lonely face behind the mask, so be it! Precautions are being taken. Oh, sorry about that. And sorry you’re not feeling well. Terrific work, though!

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Great use of guitar and celli. And fine that in all the misery you found time to diss part of the government.

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I’m so, so sorry that you’re continuing to suffer! I hope working on this wonderful piece took your mind off your physical issues for awhile. It’s really compelling.