I Love You More Than You Love Me

I Love You More Than You Love Me

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Liner Notes: 

This is a song I finally finished a few days ago.


I Love You More Than You Love Me
Susan Cantey © 2020

When we were walking down the street
I noticed everybody that we’d meet
Got your attention; I was never mentioned
Left out of all the conversations
I love you more than you love me

All alone back at our flat
I cooked dinner; you took a nap
Evening came and rain fell down
Felt like a stranger in a strange, strange town
I love you more than you love me

Isn’t love a funny thing?
Think of all the misery it brings
Like a moth into a flame
We fly straight into the suffering

I packed my bags and kissed your cheek
My spirit was willing, but my flesh was weak
Sat in the car and watched the trees
Came back inside; you hadn’t missed me
I love you more than you love me
I love you more than you love me

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Nice to hear your beautiful voice again! Interesting lyrics. I had a friend who said that it was better to find somebody who loved you more than you loved them. But as a romantic, I like to be totally in love. People would say I liked to chase after somebody until they chased me back - lol! Thankfully, my husband knew enough to play hard-to-get. Smile

cindyrella's picture

Another super song! Love the music and I sure have felt like this before. Strong performance!

billwhite51's picture

that funky guitar was the last thing i expected ti hear, but it really works, keeps the sentiment from becoming morose, and the song chugs along like an ode to billy jo

crisp1's picture

The guitar and melody have a very cool retro sound and your vocals, as always, are terrific. Even though it's kind of pathetic that she goes back to him, the end made me laugh out loud. And it's probably very realistic, even if it's not your reality.

Tim Fatchen's picture

There's a funk/soul/musical feel to this (upbeat On Broadway?) and I could see it fit well in a musical. I do like your voice and harmonies [/envy] and the backing shows it off really well. Indeed the arrangement moves alogn and develops to keep the interest up!

DeannaSweidel's picture

Really enjoyed this. Very catchy tune and great lyrics. As always Susan, a great tune!