I'm Just Sad

I'm Just Sad

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Liner Notes: 

This is a rough draft of our song. Russell will be creating a new version with an instrumental break and some new piano licks.

I'm not really doing 5090 this year as I'm busy with two or three other projects. However, Russell sent me this instrumental track and I couldn't resist!

If I write an occasional new song, I may post one or two.


I’m Just Sad
Russell Lucas & Susan Cantey © 2020

In my dreams
I saw you there
Floating like a spirit
In the air
Then like before
You disappeared
Why did you leave me all alone
For all these years?

Now you’re back
And you think I should be glad
I’m just sad

Remember the day
You went away?
After you left
The storms came
Thunder pealed
And I was scared
I thought the wind and the rain
Would wash me away


So, my dear
I thank you now
I survived much stronger
Than you somehow
But my heart is empty
And my love is gone
I wish you all the best my friend
But I’ve moved on


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Wow, this is beyond well written and what lovely vocals! I hope there will be at least a couple more. Fabulous!

Excellent collab, the piano is very nice and a great vocal on this track. Well done in all regards. Really enjoyed this one.

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love your clear voice- and the second vocal harmonizing you did on this one

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Wow, an absolutely perfect vocal. Nice piano backing. The lyrics are just lovely, too. Really a terrific collaboration!