All I have is a song

All I have is a song

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Loving the world isn't easy
They hunger they thirst
They get sick & they hurt
And I come along
With nothing to offer
But a song

Sing it out
See light in their eyes
Hope flickers
as the melody soothes
Life's hard truths

Loving one another is complicated
Their problems
Become our own
I can't undo wrong
But I can sing
Another song

I keep Singing
Trusting its more than music
I'm bringing
Jehoshaphat's army
Perhaps it's Barmy
Joshua's Trumpets call
Can it make real troubles fall

Love is my Song
Hope is my Song
Peace is my Song
Sing Along
Healing and freedom

Give me the eye's of the Spirit
The Heart of Compassion
A Hand to help
A heart to Sing
And Appeal for the help of the King

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Hey Neil. A positive and definitely spiritual feel to this one. Curious where the chorus would fit in after its first appearance as far as you see the structure.

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I like the positivity. Something we gravely need this day and age.

When you feel the love inside you, it's not aimed at something. It just radiates like the sun and falls on everything around equally. It's so great that you wrote this. Gotta remember not to let the world bring you down. Smile

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Thanks yes we can’t stand in the shadow of what we can’t do we need to do what we can even if that is sing a song! Thx for your insights

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I like the progression of the lyric from nearly hopeless in the first verse growing to determined by the end.

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Thx Andy you have perceived the passion perfectly! Thx for your input