Bigger Boat

Bigger Boat

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Liner Notes: 

This is a metaphor for finding a solution to a troubled relationship. If you can't fix it then go bigger.

metalfoot notes: I've put up my working draft of the song because (as I relistened to it to start working on the clean copy) there's a certain power to what I have here, I think. I'll update the file later with a final version but this is certainly already better than some of my other stuff! Thanks for letting me do this, cicpisces!


Bigger Boat

You shout no way
We'll last the day
Burnt the bridges
No way to fix this
What's left to say

We look inside
Where our tears cried
Is it clever
To stay together
Haven't we tried

And if it were possible
For us to stay afloat
We'll need to believe
We can build a bigger boat
And not lose control
And drown at sea
Is this the end of you and me

We take too much
Forget the love
No clear thinking
So now we're sinking
Its getting tough

We may well drown
Or else get out
No space to breathe
We're all lost at sea
All full of doubt

(Repeat chorus)

Are there answers
Any more chances
Will we last this
Its ending fast

(Repeat chorus)

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Great lyric. I might take a stab at this if you don't mind?

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I like your lyric a lot and it works so well as in the context of the metaphor you're using, nice work.

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Boat metaphor very strong ... the short sharp lines really work well to build a picture of a crumbling relationship/life.

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Great lyrics, I really love you vocal delivery on this. Listening to it I am getting a lemonheads vibe from it. It feels very intimate, almost like you floating around on a little boat serenading someone with your soulful tune.

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Nice collaboration, guys. Metalfoot's vocal is always terrific and I love the lyrics. Maybe it's time to rewatch JAWS. I just read a news story a couple days ago about some woman who had been bitten and hauled out who said, "I still love sharks!" THERE'S an idea for a song!

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Slash has a song called Gotten with Adam Levine and the performance really made me think of that one. This one might work with a string quartet! Really powerful chorus.

Feels like a classic to me. Radio rock! Something to sing along to. Great collab!

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I see why you like the power in this version. It all works. Wonderful use of metaphor and nautical words. If I might suggest..."Sea's gettin' rough" instead of "It's gettin' tough". Just a thought. Great like it is.

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Real nice collab. The words asked for life and it was delivered.
Great metaphore and the impending tragedy is there in the performance. Would play really well in a full rock orchestration in a stadium. (a good thing). Powerful stuff. Enjoyed my listen very much.
Thanks to both of you for your kind words on my first!

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This is all kinds of awesome. The lyrics are great and so is the vocal delivery. Love the chorus especially. More than makes up for the absence of any giant sharks.... :). anyway, fantastic collab. Absolutely love this.