The Day Birds Flew Out of Our Heads

The Day Birds Flew Out of Our Heads

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Liner Notes: 

Short (and hopefully) sweet.


Hummingbird hawkmoths
mockingbirds, small swallows
whirled and wheedled and fled
right out of our heads

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Loved the various moving lines like birds flying around the song. Nice work!

I clicked on this because I thought the tag read "electric", which just registered as "electronic".
After I realized my mistake, I was already intrigued by guitar.
I like that I have no idea what the lyrics are about, and that they are set to this style of music.
It's that droning on, rolling, repetitive strumming/picking whatever you call it...that appeals to me a lot whenever I hear someone do that. Not sure why.
But I liked the little higher note melodies you put in there, very subtle.
I really liked this...

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Well, this song was exactly what it said on the tin. No lyrical ambiguities here. But you've chosen only the most euphonically beautiful birds to deliver this message, and the syllables in the verbs have their own tumbling tumult.

I really enjoyed this little sonic landscape. I'm seeing the first rays of dawn landing on steep and jagged hills by the wild South Pacific coast. The camera pans out as the winds blow and birds wheel freely.

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Birds given flight by your six, no 8, no 12 strings? I could listen all evening, but alas 2:30 came up too fast!

I think all those birds are called a murmuration. Why wife is always hunting that for her photography. A video if it with this would be amazing. Very nice listenable track. Glad my ears are not playing tricks on the mellowness.

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reach for your headphones. this is pure listening pleasure.

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This was just an absolute treat! Glad you had a net or some kind of recording device to capture those birds back if even briefly Smile

Sweet? Yes, certainly. This is a very nice song, love the sounds. It's nice and still very distinct and unique in your playing. The short vocal part is good before the extended outro.

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Love the artwork for the "record sleeve", (I've no idea what we call it now), it reflects the sparkly feeling of this song, as a guitar pattern weaves it's way through the song, there's a swirl of sounds, which fits perfectly with the lyrics. Sounds great.

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What was that at the very start? That was cool. Thought provoking title and a very nice guitar motif to enjoy. Yes, this needed a fade out to me too.

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That is some tasty riffage. It's like you're weaving a beautiful guitar tapestry. The song's over, but the music continues in my head

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Really effective repetition on the guitar there.
I'm liking the doubled vox.
Yeah, I can see the birds wheeling about in my mind; really effective sound sculpture here.
Or perhaps the sound of a child running down a hill.
Wow, yeah, this is a great one for sure.

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Really love the instrumentation on this--hypnotic and evocative. The same can be said for the lyrics, too! A lovely listen.