Who Cares What They Think? (Fuck Allmusic)

Who Cares What They Think? (Fuck Allmusic)

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Who Cares What They Think? (Fuck Allmusic)

Liner Notes: 

This is me ranting on how I don't like the website Allmusic, delivered in a stream-of-consciousness manner.
The drums were a MIDI instrument programmed on my computer keyboard in Mixcraft 8 (the drum sound was set to the "Nine Inch Drums" sound).
The vocals were recorded on my Android phone.


Consider this a thought!

I find Allmusic to be inconsistent
A fickle database filled with misdirection
And some of the album pages are left blank

Use your illusion, they can't make up their minds
Lose your delusion, they leave it to you to find

The precious albums are attained a jaw-dropping 5 stars
One day you find an album has jumped from 4 to 5

They can call an album a masterpiece
And still rate it at only 4.5 stars
An example being Thick as a Brick
The other being INXS' Kick

Yeah, I think the system is flawed

I thought Godley and Creme's Consequences wasn't that bad
But the review claimed it was a disaster
Then I listened to "Bitches Brew", a five star record
I just thought it was all a structureless discord

So they can give Full Moon, Dirty Hearts
The much-dreaded rating of one star
What I heard was nowhere near as bad as they thought

Now if Bieber finally gets 5 stars
please tell me it's the end of the world

In the end, who gives a fuck what they think?
Does it really matter at all?

Music taste is subjective
Taste is subjective
Is subjective

If you like it, that's all that counts

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Heh, I love the laugh in the middle Biggrin

I use allmusic... or more accurately, my script uses it. Crawls through the new releases and saves them in Spotify. So that I can go through it and make up my own mind.

A good thought to. I relate, yes!

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I don't know anything about allmusic, but Amen! 5 Stars!! I remember reading an article by a reviewer who decided that he would give his first zero star review--I think it might have been for a Sonic Youth album. He later confessed that he now liked the album