You Always Wanted To Fly

You Always Wanted To Fly

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Liner Notes: 

One I've been tinkering with awhile and recently completed. Written to a melody. Hope to get music up soon. Thx!

I was born a few months after JFK, Jr. The images of V1 are from my own young recollection of the early 60s.


You Always Wanted To Fly

You were old enough
To remember
The last days of black and white TV
I Love Lucy and Captain Kangaroo
Soldier boys in their green fatigues 
We dreamed we'd put a man on the moon
And bring him back safe
Down to the sea   
Talk of missiles and Russian satellites 
You were born in the age of Gemini

Johnny, oh, Johnny
You always wanted to fly
Out from under the weight
Of your famous name
Far above that day in Dallas
You were free in the sky
To find your own way
Unbridled in flight
To claim the wind all your own    
To reach, to try
You always wanted to fly

When we looked back
And remembered
Our nation's fav' rite little boy in blue
You stepped out from your mother's side
And raised your hand in one last salute
You raised your hand while the horses came by
To young to understand 
The awful truth
Somber faces on the cold November crowd
You were only trying to make your daddy proud

Copyright 2020 Ed Ferguson

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Very moving. JFKs assassination is one my earliest memories. Let me know when it has music

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So poignant. You have a way of telling a story that makes characters and events come alive. Some very nice turns of phrase here.

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Ed, if you want folks to see your replies, you need to post directly to their soundboards, It's weird, I know. The 'reply' button doesn't make sense.

Also, if you don't want a collaboration, you can simply state this in the Liner Notes section above the lyric. No need for NSFW. Wink

IA's picture

Damn, even I can remember black and white TV's, but I live in Finland, so that's not saying much. Biggrin You'd rather haw bnw tv than no tv.

But I can't remember anything about the Kennedies. That must have been something. This song is like a time capsule. Takes me to that time with you.

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Thanks for letting me know! Just wonderful. Love the melody!

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Thank you for letting me know about the music. This was quite lovely

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A touching tribute. Those of us old enough to have watched that salute on black and white TV were permanently touched by that little boy. Good song all around.

Donna Devine's picture

Such a pleasure to hear the updated version, Ed. What a lovely song. It gives me goosebumps. Smile

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This is awesome, Ed, and I can see a video with it so easily because of the song's imagery. The words and music really hit the target -- our hearts!

Jerry Pettit's picture

Oh, boy--I'm glad I "dug back" to find this one. Just terrific! Everything about it: lyrics (of course), your guitar playing, the vocal.

This is probably my favorite of yours now. Great job!

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This is excellent. I love the playing. The vocal delivery reminds me a lot of Cat Stevens - there's that same strong sense of poignant, wistful reminiscence here that he captured so well (I'm thinking of stuff like "Father and Son".) And the lyrics are a powerful distillation of that blend of nostalgia and regret. Really, really good stuff.