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Liner Notes: 

This one just sort of happened. There are, of course, bucketloads of layered synths. But I went at this track with a somewhat faster bpm than is usual for my electronica stuff (145 bpm, in fact.) After deciding that the title was therefore going to be "Frantic," I decided that it called for a bizarre bass solo played on my Ibanez 9-string guitar. And what you hear is the solo as I played it - no drop-ins, no edits, not even any warping to put it on the grid; just plenty of HFO weirdness. Enjoy.


Watch the madness on the news
Insanity's the safest bet
Our head of state ain't got a clue
when he says, "hold my beer, you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

On both sides of the Atlantic
Opposition's sycophantic
Lawyers simply plead semantics
Why is no-one getting frantic?

No-one wants to wear a mask
Only losers fear contagion
So it's become to much to ask
They just ignore the situation

The crisis has become gigantic
Forgive me if I seem pedantic
It's not the time to get romantic
Why is no-one getting frantic?

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Very cool! Appropriate title. My head of state says "Hold my bleach, you ain't seen nothin' yet!". Excellent instrumental interlude! Great production! Nice lyrics, your vocals sound really good.

it is frantic at times. great guitar riff and yes synth on synth nice

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Classic HFO goodness. And (unfortunately), your lyrics hit the mark. You sing it like it is, sir.

See You In The Shadows…

synth on synth nice - it screams out the blocks very frantic cool

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A very fitting question in these times. Nice HFO presentation - I like the guitar squeals in the beginning and outro. Together with the frantic keyboard sounds its soundscape reminds me of some tunes on Terje Rypdal's Single collection (if it is ok to do such a comparison)

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Frenetic percussion. Makes for a real contrast with the slower paced vocal delivery and that 'bass' solo was definitely an unusual addition.

As always 50/90 lyrics documenting the times and yours is a fine addition to the collection of pandemic related songs.

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Excellent combo of synths, the strings and guitar.

It's a mess isn't it. State of affairs. I'm too lazy to fight. But others definitely should. I've had enough fights. I'm just gonna stick here and mind my own business.

Oh wow, sweet bass solo! I like the theme you do it... or the pattern. Rising and falling. Good show!

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Awesome! I read the lyrics first - brilliant (depressing, but brilliant) and your vocal has theatrical menace.
And your playing, as always, is a marvel. As I've said before, I listen to more prog now because of you. But you're my favorite!

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Nice, those drums pick up well in a frantic pace and the synths swirl around in layers and cool double track vocals.