I Ask Why

I Ask Why

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Liner Notes: 

This was a bit of experiment in building atmosphere through the repetition of a single riff. A thunderstorm added some nice natural effects.


I ask why
the axe strikes
the frozen ocean
cracks the ice
and allows in the light
and lets the fish fly
into the cold blue sky

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Your use of repetition and echo is very effective to create a wonderfully inviting atmospheric landscape that is perfectly aligned with your lyrics. Very engaging and lovely to listen to.

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this one of my favorites among your poem. each line leads to the next until the final image, a revelation. is that what its leading to? freedom from the sea to return to space. the music echoes the lyric wuth an apparent simplicity and subtle dynamics.

The one riff works perfect to create atmosphere. Your vocals bring an unexpected melody and the echoing works very well. The second guitar part adds a lot also.

yes the repetition doesnt effect the flow and it has great build. nice

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Like a fevered but beautiful dream. The elliptical lyrics and use of musical repetition and echo make this into a swirling surreal wave that enveloped me and utterly carried me away.

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That lyric blew me away before I'd even found the link to the music. The repeated low guitar line is great, the transfixing thread around which everything else frolics. This is just amazing

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This is super trippy. I like the repeated guitar pattern and how there's no harmonic resolution. We never get satisfying answers to "why," do we?

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Nicely atmospheric. You could almost be arguing with yourself. Nice succinct lyric. Has a very pschadelic feel to it. Nicely creative.