Standing Still

Standing Still

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Liner Notes: 

Wrote this after watching a documentary on a rock star.


Standing Still

You have to feel you're in control
Emerse yourself in rock and roll
Then you seize the ego boost
Cause you're out to win , not lose

And you stand up there
After popping pills
The world is here alive
You're standing still
And while you don't care
That you're feeling ill
Among a dancing crowd
You're standing still

You spread your arms like on a cross
Create the scene where you're the boss
Then the drugs get in your veins
And you're back out there, again

(Repeat chorus)

Yeh it goes in slow motion
A river of emotion
Always looking for promotion
Fans showing devotion

You lose yourself in your music
Smash that ceiling with a brick
So you know you're on top
Then you're not about to stop

(Repeat chorus)

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This. This right here has been the crippling factor for so many of the stars we know and love (and love to loathe in some cases). It's not true for every "star" but it certainly is telling, from your lyrics, how prevelent the story is. Nice work here.

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That's what I've been missing all this time! The drugs. ROFL

I like the vivid images you use. Slow motion and the cross... it tells a story.

Good job!

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LIke this one a lot, got the stadium feel about it (was actually getting a bit of pink floyd the wall as well just quietly)