Schoolboy Error

Schoolboy Error

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Liner Notes: 

Strong coffee, good night's sleep, feeling refreshed and energised. Switch everything on in the studio. Grab the Sire Marcus Miller V3 instead of the Westone Super Headless (out of laziness - the Sire was closest to me).

All good. Set up the compressor I've been dialling in for a couple of days to get a fat slap tone.

Lay down some drums to jam along to.

I already have an idea in my head, so I improvise along with the drums for a few minutes while letting Reaper record whatever comes out of my fingers.

Hit play back - and I like what I'm hearing.

Fire up a synth plug-in to add some seasoning. I know the key centre is Dm, so start vamping a couple of chord progressions - and it sounds dreadful!

Turns out the Sire is tuned somewhere around a quarter tone sharp. Biggrin

Which kills the vibe. And I absolutely will NOT use autotune!

I've lost interest in this one for the moment and not in the mood to re-tune and rerecord.

So here it is. If you fancy doing something with this, let me know and I can let you have a wav version to play with, but it's somewhere between D and Eb...

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Has a good energy to it. Guitar playing is cool. You improvise well. School boy error is like a running joke at my work place. Hardly call it an error. Sounds great.

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Whew! man that bass is smokin' right out of the gate! Somewhere between D and Eb is a good place!

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Really nice groove on this. Funked up. The intervals mixing in between the slaps are really sweet tonally.

Between D and Eb -- that sounds like my vocal range!

Unfortunate the vibe was killed for you.
It was NOT killed for this listener. Whatsoever.
I have not heard straight up jam/grooving bass like this in a long time. I used to indulge in tracks by Wayman Tisdale long, long ago and that sparked a period where I got into instrumental stuff from bass players. This takes me back there and reminded me why I was into it.
I did indeed jam along to this in my own personal shed session, something I have not done in..ages.
So thank you.
You got great energy and groove here. This is no error.

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Awwwww yeaaaaaaaa

I love the slap bass. I didn't realize you're also a master of the slap! and that octave riffing

The groove is real!

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Frikkin fantastic bass groove here for sure.
Such a wonderful tune.
I am seat dancing.
Don't tempt me to "play with" this...
Actually, if you send me the trax I might remix this if you're willing....
Yeah, I enjoyed this muchly.

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Damn, double D, this is some truly awesome bass playing! I'm hearing some authentic funk all up in there! I'm blown away that you can improvise such awesome sounds! Enjoyed my listen!

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The syncopation of the bass against the beat is pressing all the correct basses with me, nice. You play in such a way where it practically sounds like hammer-ons and pull-offs all the way through!

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I'm here because I was starting to listen to Fuzzy's take on it... Oh my god. How did that happen?

This is great, amazing flow. Love the double stops. And hitting the tiny litttle harmonics. I am a bass player, but I could not ever touch anything like this.

And who needs synths? This is complete.

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The only thing missing to be an early 90s Jonas Hellborg group tune is a second bass or a keyboard... Hit it!