Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!

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Liner Notes: 

Since lockdown kicked in, I've been hunkered down in the HFO studio honing my plans (same thing we do *every* night, Pinky) for world domination. And so far, this has consisted of broadcasting on Twitch every Thursday at 19:30 BST (20:30 CET, 14:30 EDT). Now that Fifty/Ninety is under way, I'm also going to be running a second stream at 21:00 BST on Sunday evenings (22:00 CET, 16:00 EDT). On the Sunday shows, I'll be talking about how to start out down the home recording path, and sharing tips and tricks for getting good results with the gear that you've already got.

...so I needed a theme tune, and I've spent the last four hours putting this together. The orchestra is Spitfire Audio's BBC Symphony Orchestra "Discover" package, and on the show tomorrow evening I'll talk about how you can get a copy for FREE, and how it integrates into your DAW. I'll also explain what a DAW is, in case you're worried about that.

Now all I have to do is put together the opening credits!

Tune in every Sunday and Thursday at https://www.twitch.tv/headfirstonly


The clock is ticking
You've ninety days
You'll get your music kickin' -
your friends will be amazed!

It's Fifty/Ninety!

Don't need a budget
or fancy gear
You're gonna crush it
That's why HFO is here!

It's Fifty/Ninety!

It's Fifty/Ninety!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Yes! Organ!

It's great how it starts with this Deep Purple number and then flows to that marching music. You know what... I'm getting flashbacks to when I worked with Rahkoi on that prog piece. ROFL

You jump from one section to another so seamlessly. It's brilliant!

metalfoot's picture

Definitely a rock anthem for 50/90 and for HFO! Nice work.

billwhite51's picture

love it. i will mark my calendar so i dont miss tomorrow nights program

Marilisa's picture

Brilliant! Really catchy and perfect for a theme tune. Will try to tune in when I can!

Ferry Colyer's picture

Very cool. I like how you integrated all those orchestral instrumental sounds into this rock song. Solid work!

phylo's picture

Ooohh, very anthemic! Should be the official kick off tune! Nice work!

Yup very anthemic, big change down, then up again! Nice one.

Heey nice, the production is very cool and the arrangement is awesome. It's a nice theme song and first track!

Candle's picture

Love the shifting themes. This will be a great theme song for your live stream. Can't wait for the show & to hear more of your tunes.

See You In The Shadows…

writeandwrong's picture

Ohhhh I absolutely love this!!! It's like our 50/90 anthem! WHoohOOoOooOOoO! Fantastic job and great start to the summer challenge!

OdilonGreen's picture

Awesome!!! I didn’t think I could get any more pumped up for this year’s event than I already was, but this rockin’ theme song just gave me that extra push to 110%. (And I do really mean that!)

standup's picture

I like where it bursts into an orchestral thing! Spitfire! Really fun twist to this tune.

JamKar's picture

Great kick off anthem! Makes me want throw my hat in the air. Classic HFO as only you can bring!

TomS's picture

That break at about 30 seconds, must be the BBCSO in there? How awesome is that. Ok I just read your liner notes, as I should have first. love the whole production. Smile

MarkG's picture

great theme song, I also love the transition to the marching band sound

phoenixash's picture

Love the chorus and the orchestral section that follows, this is a super rocky tune with many, many flavors put together by your lovely voice!

Calum Carlyle's picture

This kind of goes everywhere. Definitely a good theme tune! Rock songs with a piccolo solo in the middle are always worth a listen, i feel.

Tim Fatchen's picture

Ah yes, the kitchen sink makes it! I like the switch to the sombre old-style, especially as it almost sounds like "1590" at the segue and immediately my troubled mind is filled with visions of "bring out yer dead'. And now, having done this, skip the everything-production and roll fast!

sph's picture

Rock on! It's cool how you dive into the orchestral section

Rahkoi's picture

That is really rockin' sweet! Love the organs and the super-cool orchestral bit. Really nicely orchestrated. And I love how fluid the transition is, doesn't feel jarring at all.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Great! Per your Facebook post the other day, I jumped through the hoops to get that Spitfire Discover thing myself--I think I can finally download it on Wednesday. You did a great job with it! Looking forward to your stuff this summer! (My first one is still uploading).

Amanda West's picture

Perfect theme for a 50/90 podcast !! And I got the BBC Symphony Discover thing a while ago - not used it yet though.

marvsmooth's picture

This is just what’s needed - a 50/90 rallying call!

Rocking music WITH ORGAN! How did you get Jon Lord to help out?!?!

sbs2018's picture

Love it! Must tune into your show. What an awesome idea!

wobbie wobbit's picture

yay it's 50/90 and HFO grand opener. nice little tone setter. i like the way it blends so well coming out of the orchestral bit back into the rocky part. nice start to the summer songwriting season

Cicpisces's picture

Great song for an opening show. Very dramatic. Strong and powerful. If I weren't already taking part I would be driven to join in.

Dragondreams's picture

Awesome opening track! And what a brilliant theme tune. My head felt like it had missed a step or two on the way downstairs when the symphony orchestra joined in! Biggrin

HelioSonorouS's picture

Very nice track to open this off with and the production is great.