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There are a lot of Zongs piling up guys! I just listened to and commented on a bunch, but I have to take a break for a visit with my dad. I'll be back at it tonight. Let's make sure that everyone gets some love. Zongs don't feel good no matter what.

I’ve just jumped in and done a few, this night sees me awake from a sleepy day in (oops!)

Superb standard of songs slipping under the radar lately, we have a very high standard of songs here and it’s great hearing all of them when I get the chance! Smile

I did more this morning and will do more in a little bit. This used to be a point of pride at 50/90... no song goes unheard. I know that a few songs are placeholders, but there seem to be a lot of unheard/unread songs lingering for a week or more.

Something for me to work on as well thanks for the nudge @katpiercemusic

Ive had a few goes. What i have noticed more this year is people coming on and posting a lot of songs at one time, i think that has created more zongs. Personally im less likely to listen to say 5 songs from one person in a row. None the less lets go zong bashing!

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A lot of it for me anyway is every time I listen to more than a few songs when I'm actually somewhere and able to take the time to listen and comment, I'm inspired to just go make some more noise Smile Little bit of listen fatigue as well, I've listened to more recorded music so far this spring/summer than I usually do in a few years time frame. I should be back to it after this weekend.

I've noticed that... the chunks of posts all at once. And I also know that we can all get burnout, even with listening. I'm to the point with stress where I can't listen to too much angsty music at once. I'm starting to have physical responses to it. But I get frustrated because I want people to have comments, so I try to listen anyway. I've got to cut back on that though.

I try to bust those Zongs whenever I find them, but like @dzd I have a bit of listening burnout.

I listen to as many songs as I can and try to comment on them, but I must say I turn off when I see four or five songs dumped at once.