yam655 released their first visual novel!

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I decided that since I make music, dabble with fiction writing, and want to expand my visual art skills, that visual novels might be a good fit for me.

Because I'm a sucker for time-limited contests, and figured I'd never actually do anything if I didn't, I joined a Game Jam on Itch.io.

The particular Game Jam was "The Unmentionable Jam." The goal was to create a game that would be unmentionable in a court of law (at least by Apple lawyers). I joined pretty late, so I only had four days to make my very first game.

My goal was a game that was both unmentionable, as well as explicitly avoided any inappropriate language or visuals.

I was also inspired by "Putting the Crap Back in Crapcapella" -- https://mrbeany.bandcamp.com/album/putting-the-crap-back-in-crapcapella -- I knew I could lean in to the crap, even though many people might find it unmentionable.

That leads us to... "A Crappy Game": https://yam655.itch.io/a-crappy-game

It is a game where you try to go to your boss' party while not losing your job or pooping yourself.

And because I'm here and I make music, it even has its own 4 track EP: https://yam655.bandcamp.com/album/a-crappy-game-ost

Downloaded (to my work computer. Shh... don't tell anyone! My home computer is a mac, so I can't play there.)

I look forward to playing and listening!

Very cool. I'll try to check that out after school lets out. I have zero focus right now.

@OdilonGreen I should try posting the macOS version. RenPy (the visual novel software I used) makes one, but Big Sur (aka macOS 11) makes it especially hard to run things that have not been digitally signed. I wasn't even sure it was even still possible until a coworker mentioned it today. I wasn't going to post it if it was just going to create a support headache.

Played! Enjoyed! Recommended (unless you don’t like potty humor…)!

@OdilonGreen Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Surprisingly, I've actually made more on that game than I have on my music. (Same number of sales, but so far I made $2 on my music, and $5 on the game.)

I did end up getting the macOS version posted, along with some detailed instructions (with pictures) about how to start it with all the macOS security precautions.

I learned a lot from the experience of making it. The first thing being: I thought I'd need to make my own graphics, but there's a lot of stuff available for backgrounds, and there are multiple sprite generation tools. It really makes visual novels ideal for the author-musician.