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I don't know if I need to be talked into or out of doing this, but...

Camp NaNoWriMo this month includes a sub-event for people who want to write a musical.


Ive just started writing 1 but i dont think with everything else i will do it in a month

@robotkitten do you have any ideas or concepts? For me writing to a theme always helps. Inspired by reading Stephen Sondheim's two book set 'Look I Found A Hat' and 'Finishing The Hat' last summer I have been working off-and-on at an electric car (in our cars voices) musical theme starting last 5090. Last 50/90 I probably got ten decent songs, and about 25 meh ones. I devoted NaSoAlMo to the concept and had a few misses in FAWM. I still have holes to fill in the storyline and will probably be working on that, along with alot of others, this 50/90.

I have a possible idea! There's a story setup I've been kicking around different mediums for a while and I think it would be fun to do as a musical. I'm not planning to do a full 50 songs for 50/90 but it's nice that the timing coincides so I can post the songs here.

I've been working on an idea for years but nothing ever materializes from it. Maybe this year I will sneak one in here and there during 50/90...

I've often wanted to do this. I'll need to check out that Camp Nanowrimo group right away!

I wrote "Cassandra: The Global Warming Musical" in a month on FAWM-2008. Worked really well, came within an ace of production, crashed and burnt as collateral damage in a local Arts explosion. Seems to be my fate.

Ah, crap. I didn't think I was doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year. This sounds real compelling, though.

I'm not doing Camp NaNo, but I think I now have the spark I need to write the musical I've been wanting to write...

What an interesting idea! That being said, the challenge of coming up with a compelling story, with all that entails, is perhaps beyond me. Its a whole different thing then coming up with a three minute song, and more like writing a novel. I do love the idea, but whether I can come up with a story that is interesting, and really holds my attention...hmmm. It's funny, I'm busy reading 'Hamilton:the revolution" a deep dive into the musical 'Hamilton' and am appreciating how much work went into this amazing musical. This stuff ain't easy!

Sounds cool and doable, at least in draft form.

Signed up but I'm already having second thoughts. Thinking of an album with narrator parts between songs to tell the whole story. I like the idea. Not sure I like the website etc., that goes along with it. We will see.

@tcelliott yeah the NaNo website reboot left a lot to be desired.

I wish they did this as an option to their October (or is it November) novel writing thing--I'd love to write a musical in a month. Thanks for the headsup.