Write Away Magazine article on using 50 90 to boost creativity

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I usually write an article each month for a free online lyrics magazine, called Write Away Magazine.

This month I wrote an article on 'Boosting creativity through the 50 90 Challenge'

If anyone's interested in reading it, you can find it here, #p=10">https://online.pubhtml5.com/aqbh/eerq/#p=10</a>

As well as my article, there's lots of other great content including an article on whether Songwriters Block is a myth.

You can also find links to back copies of the magazine on my website, http://lyricslinger.co.uk/home/

Good stuff, I have written a few articles for this magazine, done a couple of songs and some collaborations. Jane who runs it us a very fine lyricist. Always worth a read

A great overview and introduction to the site for newbies for sure.
I think I'll send this link to a friend who is 50/90-hesitant.

nice Smile