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I'd like to see the last time a user was logged into the site. Maybe only month and year, definitely not hour.. that'd drive me crazy waiting for a collaborator to approve a song to post and seeing they logged in but hadn't responded. (probably looking at the forums instead of their soundboard etc.,) Especially at the beginning of a challenge it'd be cool to see if someone had been "around."

+1 but it should def include the full date. Can't see how the last month they logged in without day would be useful.

I'd take day... Honestly, though, you'll know if they've been around in the last 1-31 days with month. I fear this won't be implemented if it gets too exact. Too many people would likely complain. Maybe that's just my fear of a response that might not happen... or my fear of 50/90 being accused of being "big brother."

At any rate, I see what you're saying.

If it were just "x days ago" then this would be a very useful feature, i think.

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This would be a nice feature, especially for collaboration asks, etc.. or for instance one of the exquisite corpses just had a disappearance, but they haven't posted anything new musically either, or ever downloaded the 10s I sent that way, so just gonna hope they're okay.

and yeah it wouldn't have to be last active 23mins and 2s ago or anything even in 24hr increments I wouldn't THINK would be a problem for anyone, but never know, and if it is they probably shouldn't be online anywhere anyway Biggrin

-- Then, you'll see all the "sock puppets" checking in so no one can track them Wink

-- Meaning, for me, and all, please -- do as one likes, -- not a rules person nor tracking type to be sure, hahhh!; however, if you're collaborating with someone like "that", well, for me, -- it's like after one or two "Dates" and they're just "not calling you back"... well, if their loins burned for, you're bedsheets would be very sticky by now, not "Dawny fresh scented"... or there abouts.

Unintended consequences as well... Fool would show the insane amount of times folks been checking in weeks, months after it's all over and no one here Smile hahahaahaha... I just love unintended consequences. Smile All these folks checking, "who's here?", -- and nOt communicating/engaging! O M G Wink

Happy Fall and 2021!!