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I was just turned on to this website, and I recommend it for song inspiration (or even just a pretend getaway). Basically a bunch of people all over the world have set up webcams looking out a window of their place, and every time you hit the button it takes you to a new one. I’ve already been to Tehran (it’s raining) and Luxembourg City (adorable little cars) and San Diego (lots of hummingbirds!).

I started feeling inspired to write a story song from one of them, and a different song about how small the world feels when you can just get these intimate peeks into daily life all over the globe without even leaving your bedroom. Maybe you will feel similarly inspired. If nothing else, it’s a fascinating premise.

Very cool @carleybaer ! In the second weekend of July super skirmish one of the prompts was a similar idea, except random street views, and still shots using this website The user can filter it a bit if that helps. It didn't take me very long to get a song idea.

An album name just pooped into my head for this: "Looking Out Other People's Windows"

Great idea @carleybaer Biggrin Gonna have to check them out for myself.

See You In The Shadows…

How cool! If nothing else, I'm just enjoying seeing places I'd never be able to visit in real life. Thanks!

Very cool! Thx for sharing. Just saw Belfast, Toronto, Quito, Swiss mountains.

I like little concepts like this! It's fun to try new things like this - may well be attempting something for this myself over the coming days Biggrin

Chances are I'll end up with a country road where cars don't pass by for hours. Can imagine a combine harvester trundling by, and then me going 'yep, gotta do that song I meant to do after hearing Noddy Holder's attempt!' Wink

For realsies though, this will cook up some interesting ideas. Love the idea of peering into someones life and how there's different perspectives on windows, sorta like a television to the outer world, in a different region, a different show is airing....

This is so cool. I cruise around google maps in street view every once in a while, just admiring the places I’d love to visit. I never noticed that obvious wanderlust inspiration for songs. Thanks!

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Yeah I just listened to an entire pink floyd song with bird accompaniment watching someone else's sprinkler, was actually quite nice!

This was shown on tv a couple of weeks ago and i have been following it since! I have found it really interesting and found some inspiration here already. I also recall my first Fawm i think i was given a web site and when you go there you get a random place and you have to write a song. I am sure someone here will remember it. I got some beach and wrote a reggae song. I am pretty sure the site you mention is run by a couple out if Singapore, i watched them interviewed.