Who would be up for a Virtual FAWMstock?

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Update: July 17: New Dates.
Announcing FAWMSTOCK 2020: Here, There, and Everywhere. ** * Note Revised Dates August 14-15, 2020

FAWMSTOCK 2020 NowherePlan

Since we cannot have a FAWMSTOCK gathering in person this year let’s take it online.

On Friday August 14 and Saturday August 15, 2020 lets get together online to:
Meet online face to face through videoconference software.
Share livestream performances
Share songwriting and other workshops.
Have live FAWM challenges-- skirmishes, games, etc...
Interviews with FAWMERS
Moderated Discussions and Panels.

How it will work, is it will be a self organizing unconference style event coordinated on the 5090 Forums.

I have co-opted the Elsewhere sub forum as a suitable location for a non-gathering that is occurring nowhere and everywhere.

Hosts will choose a topic, concert, workshop etc and a timeslot. They will be responsible to choose the platform suitable for their topic (Zoom, Twitch, Facebook Rooms, Google Meet, Etc...) and post the links when available.

You can claim a time slot here on the 5090 Forums, at http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/online-fawmstock-here-there-everywhere-august-14-15-2020
or https://bit.ly/2020fawmstock

Now that I am on summer vacation, I'm thinking about summer creative projects when I'm stuck close to home. I think for sure we should have a virtual FAWMStock evening or weekend of streaming concerts. I'm sure we would have plenty of musicians willing to stream a set, or run a workshop. I may even be willing to run point on this. (I'm going to crosspost this idea on the fawm group and the FAWM and 50/90 forums).

UPDATE July 5:
Here is what I am thinking for a FAWMSTOCK weekend. I am thinking of structuring it like a superskirmish weekend where people sign up for an hour on the 5090 forum. And we can coordinate and participate in the weekend on the forums. From there, they can choose their own platform and means for filling that hour.

What can you with your timeslot?

* Stream a live performance.
* Conduct a workshop.
* Host a live skirmish or FAWM Game.
* Group meets and discussions.
* Writing exercises and activities.
* Interviews with FAWMers.
* Free conversation or song circles on videochat.
* Other?

I think with the existing structure of how we run skirmishes, hosts could choose their themes-- use the platform most suited for their activity (Zoom, Youtube, FBLive rooms, etc...)

We could gather and coordinate on the 5090 forums because that is where the action is this time of the year. (Facebook groups and Zoom would also work, but we already have the FAWM and 5090 forums as gathering places for the community).

Perhaps we could even ask a mod to add a FAWMStock category to the 5090 forums.

The weekend of July 17 -19 has neither a superskirmish nor any filk events listed on filkstreams.org.
The weekend of July 24-26 would also work.

That’s my 2 cents worth for now. I am going to point discussion from Facebook and the FAWM forums back to this thread on the 5090 forums to keep it in one place.

What do you think?

I will watch this post for a few days, then around July 8, I could set up a formal announcement/ sign-up post on the 5090 forums.

I like the idea! This is my first year doing FAWM and 50/90 so I haven't been to an official event before, but I love community vibe events like this, and the past few months have shown me how much fun virtual events can be. I've been part of loads of online showcases, open mics, etc. and they've all gone really well and we all supported each other. It can be just as much of a bonding experience as an in-person event.

Good idea. Hope it gathers steam. I would be up for this sort of thing!


Wonderful idea!!

Sounds like fun. Smile

This is a good idea. I'd be interested.

Interested. Yes,please.

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Sounds interesting. Perhaps!

sounds good!

Like on Zoom? Awesome. Smile

A visual event would be great fun. I loved attending my first FAWMstock last summer.

Sounds fun!

Yes please!!!

I would like to be part of such an adventure if it all works out for me. (Still waiting for higher speed internet to come to my neighbourhood BUT we have a promise 'this summer'.)

Fo Sure!!! Great fun! Let's make it so....

Check out the updated first post. It outlines a loose plan-structure for a FAWMstock weekend.

sounds good! and i'd vote for the later of the two weekends, just to give a little more time to plan it out, etc.

My vote is for 24-26. Perhaps we can post zoom links and the like to a separate post that has a schedule? I think It would be a good idea to get a sense of the different things people want to do so there's good variety. And I'd be happy to host a slot! Yay! Let's do this!

I would LOVE it!!!

I'd love to participate!

My vote is also for the 24th-26th and I'm totally down to host a slot. Biggrin

I'd be down for something. I could put on a workshop about the ins and outs of EDM, mixing, mastering, production, anything.

Just read the update. Personally I would prefer a later date past July, but that's just me. I would be down to do a slot performing and discussing the songwriting of some of my songs I've written for FAWM and 50/90 this year, if it works out, but sounds like it would be really interesting to watch regardless!

July 24-26 would be best for me.

I'd love to sign up to perform an improvised request hour: I take requests, but don't know any songs, so I make them up on the spot.

@yam655 Haha that is awesome. Every time I try to take requests I get loads that I don't know. If I could learn to be good at improvising this would be a great idea! Maybe I should work on it...

I'll likely participate. Thanks for organizing this.

Is there anyway to live Jam?

I’m up for it!

I have updated the first post here to direct you to the August 14-15 Virtual FAWMSTOCK post at http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/online-fawmstock-here-there-everywhere-august-14-15-2020

Check it out and feel free to sign up to host a discussion, workshop or concert

Me...now that I know about it!