Who has at least 20 songs?

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This post is actually a day late - I realized yesterday, after doing a bit of math in my head (good mental exercise!), that after 36 days of the challenge, if you have 20 songs, you're on pace for 50.
How are you doing? I just posted number 32. I was doing a song-a-day pace, but in the last week I've fallen off my writing and listening/commenting. I've even had a couple why-bother days in there, as in questioning why I'm even going for 50-plus again. I've already proven year after year I can do it.
But then I wrote one last night that I like!
So I guess the question is not just how you're doing in terms of number but also motivation.

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Yes, just posted 27th yesterday. Good job getting to 32 already Chip!

25. Hoping to get another today. Definitely going faster than I have in the past, but my time and focus is starting to be divided and challenged.

naaa, not me this time. I have 16, and have slowed down alot in the last week or so... honestly, not feeling super-motivated right now, probably for a number of reasons.

23. I did a similar calculation and I've hit the every-other-day mark, making it like a really long FAWM.... I think I can do that. The idea of more than one every other day was pretty intimidating

I guess I'm on pace overall, and have been alternatively super productive and deep in slogging. On the super productive side I essentially did FAWM (wrote and posted 14 songs) in the super skirmish weekend. Yesterday I seemed to get back on track by posting a few songs. On the slogging side I have had two downtime periods. The week after the super skirmish I posted nothing. Late July/early August could only muster finishing some collabs, stitching the backwards corpse, and a couple of quick writes of my own. I have lots of numbers but I guess 32 is what I am counting for 50/90. On a related note I am at 23 solo songs with a goal of 50 or more.

I've just reached the 20 mark today. I'm only counting listings on my profile as songs, even though I have more than one song in some of the links I posted, so it is more.

100/180 has taken a back seat right now. I'm currently in some weird stage where I'm getting the urge to jump up and make lots again, but I'm yet to make the first step due to odd feelings brewing inside. Could be that dodgy take away, but ya know. Wink

I'm at 26 but one of the songs was accidentally deleted. Will have to repost. I rocked the first couple of weeks but the last two plus have been a struggle. Although I'm posting some songs now and I don't hate most of the last few.... I guess it's a damn good 50/90 all said.

24. I'm on target but the well is running dry.

Thanks, everyone, for the replies to my original post!
@Saltyjohn - When my well ran dry, I went back to some tried and true, maybe even cliched, themes. And I skirmished.
@tcelliott - I went through a week-long or so period in which I didn't like what I was writing, and now I'm on a roll again of a few I like. But one frequent commenter on my songs told me one of my least favorites was his favorite of mine this 50/90.
@nerdjealous - I looked at the 100/180 page as a pre-50/90 challenge. And I went ahead and did 50. Because of that, I had a moment a couple of days ago when I thought about just stopping - I've already written way more songs this year than I've ever written in a single year. But that feeling of stopping also had to do with my mental state. Now I'm trying to plow through.
@IA - Thanks for the congratulations! I notice your output has been strong, too.

I'm considering a switch of instruments - doing some piano songs - to help me in the push toward 50. And I'd like to hit 50 by end of August and maybe devote September mainly to commenting. Plans do change, however.

@Chip Withrow Cracking effort, 50 songs! Biggrin Hope to see more output from you! Yes I am also in the most productive year I’ve ever been in when it comes to music, too. I originally wanted to stop altogether on it when 5090 arrived, but Im gonna carry on with 5090 then go back to 100/180 when I’ve reached my target. So I wanna get to 50, then see how I get on to complete 100/180, which means I’ll have to get more productive to leave me enough change to make it. Sorta as a pick up where I left off once I get there thing. It will come, inspiration is coming back and I don’t intend on spending as long on my songs any more, gonna do more crap art albums to ramp it up when I get some free days at home in! The mental state got me too, and I wanna plough through too. All the best for the rest of the challenge! Let’s get it! Biggrin

I’ve made it to 20. I have a few in sketch form that need working on. Have asked a couple of folk re collaboration as well. However due to the high temps in the UK and my “studio” being in my loft with no ventilation or air con I’ve had to stop. My Tascam does not like heat and I was dehydrating fast!! Might try some alfresco recording on my phone.

22 but feel like I’m slowing down. Hopes there’s another super-skirmish at some point, that would help get me there.

I did about 50 in 100/180 in the first 2 months then the last month did only a few while i re organised my studio and tools, so far my total here says 62, but i personally only count a lyric as half or a collab as half (thats just me) So in my mind i have 48. I guess this week i will have my 100/180. I may slow down, then and im certainly thinking of having my first break Post 50/90 thar i have had in 4 years from writing more songs. I have so many other musical activities to work on! A musical, a music festival, my podcast etc. I wonder if my brain will switch off ? I suspect the odd one will pop up.

Ugh, I just hit 20 so I am little behind. That surgery in July set me back a bit and I have been playing catch up ever since.

Might be not until a couple of days


I think I'll actually make it this year (first since 2009), at 32, 3 in prep or in collab; I'm even listening a bit more. Amazing given the sh!t that's assailing us and family..

My profile page says I have 20, but I know better

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@fresh spotless youth I re-listened to a few of yours the other day when I thought, wait a minute Wink nah I'd still call it 20 Biggrin why not! I'd listen to 30+ more of those!

#20 -- who'ddah thought, not me... not even one, but then, ?


How itDewgo it - seams.

According to my math, if you have 34 now (August 28), you're still on pace for 50.
One of these years, maybe I'll not be so fixated on reaching 50.

This is definitely my best 50/90 so far, but I'm not even at double digits yet. Had to speed-renovate the second floor of my house for an appraisal which is a doozy of a distraction. In my dreams I go nuts in September and write forty one-minute songs. I'm trying to recalibrate my intentions and derive joy from the act of creating, and let the total number be a bonus in the "more songs that exist in the world than if I hadn't" sort of way, but I still feel that pull to cross the threshold.

well, by now to be on track, should have about 35 songs, right? I now have 21 songs, which is 21 more then I had in June, so,, there's that. Yeah, this is going to be one of the years I won't get to 50, but that's ok. I'm hoping to do a few more (just did three in the last few days after not doing anything for two weeks) with the goal of having enough quality songs to issue another bandcamp album sometime in about October. not sure if i'll get there, there's alot of 'filler' i think this time round for me. Still, a good challenge, and I need to catch up on listening too.

I have two more in the hopper, which will bring my total to 21. I'll be happy to end with 25

I'm slackin. Just hit 14

I'm way behind. But... I've decided I'm going to accept a bunch of untranscribed songs to hit 50/100/whatever, so it's not going to take long to catch up. (I have a song about this that I'm going to post after work today.)

I just noticed the site no longer pages songs after 50, so I'm feeling particularly inspired.