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Sorry if this is explained somewhere but a cursory search didn't yield anything. What's the deal? Are you only meant to list one? Is there a delimiter you can use to separate them out? Where does that hyperlink take you? To a list of other people that listed the same influences?


You can have multiple! They're comma-delimited, so if you take your current list and swap out the semicolons for commas, you should be good to go.
Then the hyperlink for each influence should take you to a list of everyone who listed that same influence, you're exactly right.

Awesome! Thanks very much. Commas! Of course it is commas.

Influences? Coffee, whiskey, champagne (on a diet--the original lo-cal), the four B's (Bach Beethoven Brahms Beatles)....are we there yet?

Good thread, actually I do not recall a discussion like this in years. I strive to list the biggest musical influences on my songwriting but in reality there are so many more. In my case that ends up being small indie bands & solo artists along with legacy acts. Then I see someone else's list and I think, yeah them too.

Oh, I've listed several influences but no people, no names... None of my influences seem to conjure up the names of any other fiftyniners. How can it be that no one else is influenced by "whispering winds and speaking trees"? Smile

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ohh, I read it was influenzas

I honestly share your influences, @Old Lost John.
I just stuck with band names, though.

I used to say my influence was "other musicians on youTube". I was all giddy about all the generous amateurs just putting it out there with so much fun. The site... has changed since 2008... they're not doing it just because they love me any more...

Very cool, didn't know they were links. Thanks for the tip.