What thing(s) will you miss that you know is/may go away when the Pandemic ends?

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Mine's coming shortly, - possibly two things Wink

I'm still gonnna just fist/elbow bump, - never liked handshakes as I am sure others feel the same. However, I feel "handshakes" may come back, - I'll do my part not to allow it Smile

I'll have to start wearing underwear and socks full time I guess. That sucks.

I may not get to wear my mask all the time.
- That, I am surely going to push back on. I may go to a full face type mask, like a pro wrestler.

I know when I walk around in "neon pink" colored, slightly to large "flip flops", - people are very sympathetic and make a wide circle around me, so, maybe that in combination? Well sea. I love that special feeling from it, you know?!

I'm just waiting for the "Star Wars Helmets" to become a thing. I mean, they'd be a great help vs. airborn pathogens/viruses. You could make them function in many of the same ways as a smartphone with a voice controlled Heads-Up-Display (HUD) & installable apps to diversify the helmet's functionality. In fact, if done right, they might save us all on the arthritis we're going to get because of our phones.

I'm actually somewhat surprised this didn't become a thing during the pandemic. Mind you, if it lasts much longer, they just might.

See You In The Shadows…

@Candle I've found that if I walk around with a brown paper bag over my head, now, no one cares; and, even better, I am far calmer due to all the CO2 in the bag if I hyperventilate. Win win.
- I get extremely fast service when in any line/cue too!

@ustaknow, that's an idea I may have to explore Lol

See You In The Shadows…

Pubs and clubs, and by association, my prospects for picking up paid work. Fool

@Guitar Kim ah, what you miss from the pandemic... however, once over, and one day it will be, then, now, due to the pandemic
- going away, what then, will you miss?

So, for you ?, e.g., you may miss the Zoom Concerts and all those folks, - they may never reassemble like that again, as a - made up miss. It may go away as it is now and you might miss that?

- The Human Race has a single element experience that all shared, on the globe that can, may, will unite for one thing or another. It's a very unique circumstance coming up, - soon?

And, or, however, it could in entirety split the globe, and well, we know what happens then.

Not that there's anything to miss in that latter part, but hope for "leadership-management" to consider that and what they may do next. I sort of see it, and I am not hopeful for the direction outcome. Then, - I think, I'll actually miss the pandemic! - irony, of irony... There will be many songs then! Well, if people still exist. It would be sad to survive a pandemic and then kill each other due to a convenience political narrative. Are people really that stupid? I dunno, possibly, from what I see, now...?

- But, hey, you read it here first on 5090! Krappe iustaknow! Smile yeehaw!

So, yeah, "then", what would one miss, - wow, huhh.