What thing(s) due to Pandemic Lockdown(s) are now and forever part of what you do?

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What thing(s) due to Pandemic Lockdown(s) are now and forever part of what you do?

- Mine, might as well be first here, below, in a moment...

Well, apparently, I will be, - cutting my Wife's hair, from now on.

I'd rather not. And while it's great to not pay that ridiculous amount of money, only to have her come home and say, "not happy..." about it.

Now, the irony here? if can be, - she is a State Lic'd cosmetologist, which is not cheap or easy to obtain in my State. (And, not that she wanted to "cut hair" vs. run a "Shop" which, she never did Wink hahhh, money well spent.) But, anyway, that's not the irony, yet, it's coming.

She does not bother keeping after me to cut my hair, since, well, she thinks I cut my own, - better.

The thing is, for me to cut my own hair, well, I cut all of it Fool even the back (for you folks that just cut the mirror side?). So, it takes me "three days", - 3 "sessions", not 72 hours, to be clear about that three day thing Wink

So now, I just keep after it and then "go for it" when have to.

But, I'll get her to cut it again, some day.

Hey, at least we have hair to cut!! Right!? Smile

- I love breaking the Law, since, not State Licensed, to cut hair Wink I fought the law, and I won.

I think my forever takeaway, is takeaway. I never used to get take out food, or get it delivered. I have become extremely lazy, and I will probably be trying to lose the COVID weight I gained for a long, long time.

@ustaknow I'm doing the same haircutting thing for my wife. It's one of the most stressful things I've ever done.

You know how antisocial you are when there's a pandemic and your life doesn't change that much. Like me!

Staying home, ordering in...

I'm similar to @JWHanberry. Covid hasn't changed my life much. My city has been largely unaffected, as we've had so few cases. We went into lockdown last night, though.

Although there is 1 thing that's changed for me. I now pay more attention to the news. Not because of interest or fear or anything. Simply just because they keep changing the damn rules!

When our first lockdown happened, the "official" rules for my city changed like 6 times in 7 days. Very annoying.

I am now the designated cat holder of the torso and other three legs while my wife trims the cats toenails on one of the four. Also vacuuming as I seem to have more of an affinity for it than she. Switching to a time-of-use rate for our electricity as a cost-cutting measure as we save more that way with our solar panels. I did consider the self-haircut thing as a cost-cutting measure but opted not to at this time.

I need a haircut actually. Can't afford one. But I'm not letting mum cut it. This hair needs a team of experts working round the clock to get any semblance of control. :P

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Really just buying things online. Used to use it as a last resort only. I'll hopefully get back to just shopping locally on the things that I can eventually.

Have always cut my own hair, but not much to it. I either let it go completely wild for a few years or just keep it super short.

I may also give up on haircuts. I've joked that, while my body lived through 2020, my hair went back to 1970.

Well I've never been a big fan of handshakes or hugs ("Don't touch me!! I don't know where that hand has been!!"), so now I have a legitimate excuse to tell people to get out of my personal space.
But generally, as a retired introvert, things didn't really change that much for me.

@Fuzzy, I would love to add the "Retired" descriptor to my usual "Introvert", but alas I still have many years of work ahead of me Sad Tho, I can't complain. I've only worked about 20 days thusfar in 2021, thanks to COVID Biggrin But, I'm back to work on Aug 16th… I guess that's my post-pandemic takeaway: I need to go back to work Sad

See You In The Shadows…

I learnt that I'm able to teach online: something I've never tried before. Also the exams now are also possible to take online and most of my students prefer the "performance grade" which is an online exam.

My life didn't change during COVID at all. I'm always so fascinated to hear people's stories of things they did different or things that changed around them. Nothing changed for me. It's honestly like COVID didn't even happen for me. It's weird. I still went to work, didn't wear a mask, didn't get a vaccine, none of the stores or places I went too were closed or weird and the only thing I happened to notice was our Walmart started closing at 10pm instead of being open 24 hours.

@Fuzzy - I just shook the hand of someone I hadn't seen for well over a year. He asked first.
@musicsongwriter - I taught so much online over the last 16 months! Yoga, meditation, fitness ... even ukulele. I'm still teaching online three times a week, but there also also people in the room (not on camera).
I love that my sister (haven't seen her since Dec 2019 but we text every day) is able to take my yoga class online and live.
I had largely given up going to live sports and music pre-pandemic. I follow sports enthusiastically on TV, and I can find plenty of video of my favorite musicians online. I wouldn't mind going to a minor league baseball game or a concert in the park again, but I'm not actively seeking out either.

In April 2020, I returned to running. I've been some type of athlete all of my life. I was pretty fit before I began running again last year, having a big base from long walks, hikes, and yoga. I needed to run to help my mental health, since I found the pandemic was triggering my complex PTSD, along with adding in some extra stuff with my grief, along with situational anxiety and situational depression. Running has really helped me. I took it slowly and so far, no injuries. I do want to prove what I can do at age 49 right now and beyond, especially since I'm a vegan athlete, haha! I originally said I would *only* run a few times per week. I see from where I'm sitting though that I have bought a few books on ultra running. Oops. I'll admit that I really love to suffer as an athlete. I know that sounds weird. You do gotta like to suffer though to be a successful runner. HA! So, yeah, I'm back as an athlete and will probably never quit again.

I also began using some CBD balm at night. I think I will keep using it. I really love it. It's taken away about 99% of my anxiety.

I did get Amazon Prime during the pandemic to help reduce some of my errands and shopping in person. Yeah, gonna keep that.

Before the pandemic, a few months before it became full blown, we adopted a hamster named Buddha Bear. He did pass away in November 2020, so we only had him 11 months. We think he may have been older than we thought. The grief and hearbreak was so great that we adopted another hamster in December 2020, our sweet Hammy Cash. We have decided we can live with their short life spans because they are so adorable and fun. We will just have to plan our trips and other events in between owning them. I mean, I think they own us, but haha, that's with any pet.