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Better Songwriting
Online songwriting sites are wonderful places to learn from others and hone your own craft. It’s a great place to try new things and expand your boundaries. Connecting with others to see how they approach something, how they might do it differently and better. Take note of the songs many commented on and really, truly enjoyed. Maybe you have a niche for that style. Which ones did someone want to collaborate on? What ones seemed most popular? Also, learn which ones didn’t really ring? Why?

If you lost interest or got writer's block, why?

I think it’s important to have an organized approach, set some goals and do some evaluation during the process. Much learning can happen.

Becoming better at anything requires one to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and to address them. If one is good at something, there is always room for improving on that. If one is deficient in something, then a plan or a goal is required.
Songwriting requires many skills, writing lyrics, musical skills, production, vocals, performance and connecting and marketing. Even if you just want to do it as a hobby for the pure joy of it, you want to love your songs.

Therefore, I like to do an assessment of the categories and actually write a specific plan by asking these questions and having some answers.

How do I feel about my lyric writing? Am I too general, too vague, too emotional? How do I make my lyrics shine? Do I need more imagery, more color, more interesting conversations? Mainly, what would make someone want to hear or read them?
Becoming a better writer means you must spend time, a minimal daily practice of writing. If you want better lines, then maybe you need to practice sensory writing or poetry. You might think of writing scenes as if you’re writing a script for a movie. You must write it so the characters know what to say, how to act, how to look. What would the setting be? A dark and/or rainy night? What is your character doing? Huddling up against a building looking lost and disheveled? What are they thinking? Why are they there? A hot beach with the waves splashing and the sun bearing down. What would your characters look like bronzed beauties lying on red beach towels? What are they talking about?

Music – Learn some minimal theory to color your chords. Take a few lessons, online or with a good teacher who will help you specifically with your own songs, not just covers. Practice.

Vocals – learn some basics to sing better. We all have the voice we are born with and will never sound like our favorite singers, but your own voice can be unique so learn how to enhance it. Learn what genre may fit your voice. I will never be an opera singer, nor do I care too.

Production – learn some recording skills and how to use a DAW.

And have fun and enjoy your progress. Do it for the right personal reasons.

Excellent advice @Belladonna!!

Thank you John.